Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery Series

LAST WOOL AND TESTAMENT was a book I won.  From the publisher via @penguincozies.
I bought DYEING WISHES with my own money, as soon as it was released via Amazon.
BTW, want a chance to win a free book like me?  @penguincozies tends to run a contest every Friday.  Follow them and RT for awesome reads!

About the Series:
The Haunted Wool Shop series consists of two books, LAST WOOL AND TESTAMENT and DYEING WISHES, written by Molly MacRae.  The main character is Kath Rutledge, who inherits her grandmother’s fiber and fabric shop, and never before mentioned “witch powers.”  The books are murder mystery with a little supernatural spice.

My 2 Cents:
I read the first book, LAST WOOL AND TESTAMENT and wanted to have its babies.  It felt like it was nonstop plot, going faster and faster, up until the end when everything was resolved.  I liked how the supernatural elements were slowly let out rather than bam, here you are, and you’re a pro.  And MacRae didn’t shove a love interest down my throat.  In fact, after book two, DYEING WISHES, I’m not sure if there is really a love interest or not, let alone a love triangle.


Dumb Dog is offended by the cat on the covers.

Then, I was super happy to learn that I didn’t have to wait long to read DYEING WISHES (like a few weeks after I finished book one, book two came out).  I got it.  I read it.  I liked and enjoyed it.  Please keep that in mind as I say the following… While book one felt somewhat natural in occurrence, this book felt a bit forced.  The sidekick Kath got in book one (not giving details, because spoilers!) got very annoying.  How she met people and came across stuff also felt forced at times.  It was not as awesome as book one.  But, book one set a high bar that would be very hard to match.

In both books there is well written prose full of voice.  That voice is the main character’s/Kath’s, as it is written in first person.  Never does the voice falter or slip.  And while some specialty (in this case yarn and such) mixed with mystery books can alienate the reader, these books didn’t have that effect on me.  Then again, I do crochet, though I don’t actually know which stitches I’m using or how to read a pattern, so mild familiarity with yarn and related hobbies are a part of me.

All that being said, I’m really excited and looking forward to book three in 2014.  I’m a fan, for sure.  The series is worth picking up.  Molly MacRae does so much right, especially in book one.

What’s the last book you read that had a mile-a-minute plot?
What are some of your favorite supernatural elements?
Any chance you’ll be picking these up?

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2 thoughts on “Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery Series

  1. Oooh, gonna add it to my list. Sounds fun. 🙂

    • It was indeed a fun book. And not all about her “witch inheritance” has been revealed, so there’s more and more to look forward to unraveling beyond whodunit.

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