Goodbye Summer Blogging

September means fall and blog changes!

With this post, I am exiting summer blogging mode.  I now have more time.  I can blog how I want to blog, not how time allows me to.  YAY!  (And I YAY! again because it has been frustrating at times.  More than once a week, I couldn’t write the blog post in my head.)

Starting Monday, I’ll be launching a new regular blogging schedule.  Though earlier than intended (because I was worried about ruining my vacation worrying about it), I made the site changes needed. So, if you’re seeing that and wondering what’s up, I’ve decided to write this post to explain a few things.

I’ve made a couple of choices…

Quality over quantity.  I’m dropping to four blog posts a week, three days a week (this will make sense, promise).  I’ll discuss those four posts in a bit.  Right now, let me cover why three days a week.  Let’s look at my summer blogging.  Quantity ruled.  Quality? It was crying.  Some of those posts were even rushed and not the best, because there wasn’t time.  I have time now, and I’d like to use it more wisely.

Getting closer to my ideal blog.  Don’t know my ideal?  That’s where I fuse writing with my love of Japanese and Korean entertainment.  Think my Monday Writing Music posts show my ideal?  Nope.  There isn’t enough writing to it.  Well, now there will be!  Again, more on this in a bit.  Back to what’s an ideal blog post: How about character types you may not have heard of like tsundere? (The famous Mr. Darcy is so one.)  Of course, I’ll give examples all can understand (like Mr. Darcy there) and add in some of my favorites or recently watched ones (like Akazawa Izumi in ANOTHER).  I want to point out that I said closer, not convert everything to this format.


Nobody puts Baby in the corner.  As for me? That’s a different story.

There will be posts…

Mondays: Writing Music.  As I said, these are not up to my ideal.  Thankfully, that’s easily fixed.  I’ll be adding more writing to my Writing Music.  Maybe I’ll discuss lyrics or the plot of the music video.   I’m feeling like these will be more on the humorous side rather than on the serious side.  Though, a serious look at the music or video could happen.

Wednesdays: ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesday.  This is the day where I will post twice.  Lots of people combine the two.  I find myself not liking that format for my purposes.   Don’t hold me to this, but I’m toying with the idea of ROW80 continuing to share a bit of my life happenings and maybe sharing another WIP (like a drawing, craft, watching of a tv show, or how the cleaning out of my closet is going) along side my WIPpet.

Fridays: Writing Corner.  I literally have my desk in a corner, so it is my writing corner, which is how I came up with the name for Friday’s posts.  Here’s I’ll talk writer related stuff: reading, writer life lessons, musings, links, jokes, or whatever I come up with/come across.  Remember my wanting to discuss tsundere?  That would fall here.

What made me decide this format?
While making my new schedule for my life post-summer, I re-evaluated my writing priorities, my blog’s purpose, and my pre-summer and summer practices.  I used the survey people kindly filled out to push me off the fence more than once while making choices.  BTW, an oddity in the survey’s answers was that blog visitors claim they will read any length of post, but will skip/not read a blog post if they think it is too long.


Of all the disappearing chibis, I will miss this one the most.

Will I only blog on those days and on those things?
If something pops up, like a person wanting to guest post, some sort of exciting news/event, or whatever… I will post it.  Be it a Monday double post, a Wednesday triple post, or a random Thursday post.  I’m just saying the above content is happening for sure and on those days (because I like schedules).

Does this put an end to vlogs?
The vlogs will still happen, but I’d like to revise/experiment with how I use them.  (Stay tuned!)

Do you have any thoughts or questions about the changes?

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