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This post is later than usual due to the fact Pooka and Monster finished books yesterday, but didn’t have time to do their blog posts.  I did my best to squeeze these in among the other things we did today.

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID #1 (started)

I think since I took the pictures, she finished DIARY OF A WIMPY KID.  And, yes!!!  I finally got her to change books.  Mostly because I’m not sure if her brother has read #6 yet (I know he read some of others at school).  So, I’m having him do that before she gets it.   But, this brings time for some more variety to her reading.  Anyways, here’s Pooka’s take on THE SHATTERING.

THE LAST BATTLE (finished)

You have no clue how proud he was to finish this book/series!  I’m super proud of him too.  I think he’s just as excited to start in on something new… Or in this case, start back up on something he let go.  Today he started reading THE BURNING and is a quarter of the way through it.  What is after that?  Not sure.  Tune in next week for another post to find out what.  And here’s his take on THE LAST BATTLE.

FRANKENSTEIN (continued)

 FRANKENSTEIN.  I love that I am challenging myself, however it is going sooo slow!  There are moments in the story that are gripping (the cottage dwellers for the most part), but other times I feel there needs to be editing done (this false started so many times).  MOUNTAIN CHARM was easier to read and I was grateful for that.  Though, this reminded me why I started disliking the BLEACH anime.  Filler!  (I want to blog about that in the future, so I’ll leave it at that.)  FARM FRESH MURDER is total fun and I am 50 pages from the end.   Why am I loving cozy mysteries so much lately?

Have you read any of the books we’re reading? Thoughts on them?
What are you currently reading? Should we pick it up?

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6 thoughts on “Summer Reading #7

  1. I gave up on Frankenstein. I couldn’t get through the beginning (found it too boring to keep reading). It sometimes bothers me that modern books are expected to jump into the story with no exposition, but this goes much too far the other way for me! I know, I should challenge myself, but there are too many books I do enjoy (many of them challenging) for me to slog through things I don’t. Maybe some day I’ll work my way through it. 🙂

    • Also, The Last Battle was one of my favourite Narnia books. I cry every time I read it.

    • The books I tend to read far from challenge me. They entertain me and bring happies and so on, but no challenge. That’s why I celebrate these moments I choose to read something that does.

      Totally don’t blame you for putting this down. This book, by today’s standards, is very broken. I’m not sure it is worth trying to slog it, since I’m only half through it.

  2. I haven’t read Frankenstein yet, either, but I keep meaning to. There’s a whole pile of classics I feel like I should read, but like you I usually go for more entertaining, rather than challenging. I haven’t read as much over the summer so far as I hoped, but I did just finish John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War’ trilogy – if you like sci fi you’d like them. 🙂

    • Will totally look into that trilogy. I know of Scalzi as a person (he’s the exiting SFWA president and good friends with Wil Wheaton and was on Table Top recently), but I never read anything of his. I think I should change that!

      There are more classics I want to read, but man, oh, man! After this challenge I need to recharge. I hope you find more reading time soon and that those classics don’t elude you for much longer. 🙂

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