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Life, ROW80, and WIPet Wednesday!

Yesterday, I finished buying school supplies for my kids.  And in co-winky-dink-land, we also got the letter for my son’s middle school orientation.  He’s so freaking excited about this. I’m just feeling old and bemoaning my baby boy getting so big.  Though, this is more proof that the school year is fast approaching and life will be heading toward new routine!  In other news, I keep my cell phone on my desk.  So, I decided to put a picture of my desk as the wallpaper.  You know, so I can sit at my desk and look at my desk and see my desk.  It’s DESK-CEPTION!



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I said I would fill 3 out of 4 bars and I did.  Mostly due to lying skies (why are you so gray if you aren’t going to rain?), exercise was not met.

I also got back feedback.  Everyone loves PMGCB and thinks it is strong.  Yet there are things to fix.  Lots to polish.  Will I have it done by the 6th like my goal says?  I’m trying.

You know what else I said I’d do?  I said I’d give those pre-writing sheets a once over on Saturday.  I went so far as to print them out and write notes and reorder it all.  And on Sunday, I spent the morning doing the fixes in duplicate (in Word and in Evernote).  In other words, I can start writing packets any time I want now!  WOOT!

Plan for this week– I do not plan on doing a pre-writing packet.  On a normal Wednesday I write.  I will not write today.  Don’t get me wrong,  I will try to hit my minimums I set for myself (though exercise is hit or miss depending weather).  But, once I hit it, I’ll likely be dropping it for the week.  I want to use as much time as I can to make PMGCB pretty.

WIPpetWIPpet Wednesday
Don’t know what WIPpet Wednesday is? This is when WIPpeteers share a bit from a work in progress (or WIP) and use the date to decide how much to share.  KL Schwengel runs the show.  Find the linkie on her page to read other people’s work or join in.

WIPpet Math– It is the 31st day of the 7th month. Then, from page 31 I’ll share 7 sentences.

About this WIPpet– This is my YA Fantasy, code name FLAMES.  This scene takes place after Issac was, once again, an- Well, Mason says it for both of us.

“Issac is an asshole,” I said without thinking.

“Wait- I thought I saw you talking to him!” Lasrina’s eyes grew wide and big. “You know him?”

“Not because I want to,” I said. “Just like I didn’t want to mar-” I caught myself before I finished the word.

Optional Pop Quiz
What makes you feel old?
When you get near the end of a project,
do you ignore everything until it is done or continue as normal until it is done?
How do you feel about cuss/swear words in fiction?

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19 thoughts on “Desk-ception, In Duplicate, and Issac

  1. Oh I should so get on board the WIPitWeds. And hey, look at you kicking goal butt! Good for you.

    Shah X

    • kathils

      Absolutely, Shah. 🙂 WIPpet Wednesdays are the best day of the week. Okay, so maybe I’m just a wee bit biased.

    • You totally should join in! A great group!

      Thank you. I’m doing my best with my goals.

  2. Didn’t want to… Someone is about to wish she had duct tape over her mouth. 😉

    Joint pain.
    Rarely necessary. Shouldn’t be in YA or kid lit at all (or kid movies, for that matter). Sometimes showcases a lack of creativity/working vocabulary on the author’s part.

    • I agree with you that it doesn’t belong in kid lit. However, YA doesn’t fall into “kid lit” in my opinion (I’ve been reading agent pages that do, and my brain keeps trying to accept that).

      Though society itself makes teens a confusing age range, saying they grow up too fast, especially regarding personal relationships and things they consume that law says they shouldn’t. They say kids should be kids… But, at the same time society says teens need to demonstrate adult behavior, by pulling their own weight (jobs and paying bills like cell phones and car insurance).

      Because of that, I tend to write YA how I remember being a YA and see current YA (through family and friends and public interactions).

  3. Congrats on making most of your goals! It’s premonth prep for me today. Getting ready for August. See you next week!

  4. Desk-ception! That’s awesome! It kinda reminds me of a meme we would send around at my old job (I think we got it from pimp my ride) ‘Yo dawg, I heard you like desks, so I put a desk on your desk!’.

    Congrats on meeting your goals for the week!

  5. Don’t you just love it when a character puts their foot it in and nearly says more than they meant to. Well done on reaching 3 out of 4 of your ROW80 goals. 🙂

    • Thank you.

      I think that foot in mouth is a great hint/reveal for when you want to say something, but aren’t ready to explain it all.

  6. Where is someone who will kick the POV character in the BUTT when s/he needs it? (When you find this person, may I borrow some of his/her time? I have a few characters who need reminders about their big mouths.)

    3 Out of 4 Ain’t Bad…. to paraphrase the song. But you had to mention the impending school year…. AHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!

    • I’d lock that person up! Their big mouths help us out. They have to slip up for our sakes!

      Of course I had to mention back to school! I’m waiting for it all eager beaver. The first week of back to school, I am taking a writer vacation. I’m playing video games and watching anime and Korean dramas. I’ll clean and that’s it! Then, when that ends, I’ll be re-positioning myself for stricter goals and a new blog schedule. Right now, I’m just waiting out summer.

      • Ah, I see. Since I homeschool our son (he goes to camp every few days in the summer and does school part-time the rest of the year), I don’t have that sense of vacation. The start of the school years just means I have to race a bit more to get him ready to deal with OTHER people’s expectations of things (he’s a fashionista).

        Enjoy some summer… It’ll be gone soon enough.

  7. kathils

    Great work on the goals. 🙂 And awesome little excerpt. Funny, the highest number for days of the month and everyone is dishing out short WIPs. What’s up with that?!!? Give us more, I say!

    My great-nephew getting his driver’s license.
    Define ‘everything’. I try to ignore. Doesn’t always work that way.
    Um . . . going to say it depends on the character, the story, the situation. Nothing excessive or gratuitous.

    • Come on, I always do short. (Mainly because my rough drafts are always very rough.) I don’t know everyone else’s excuse. 😉

      And, yes! I agree with you about the excessive/gratuitous thing. I love Kevin Smith films, but I don’t want to write like one.

  8. Hee, love the excerpt! characters nearly saying something they shouldn’t (or saying it, period) is such a great device. Nice work on the goals, too! I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on my WIP in the near future, too.

    Quiz time! :

    – my niece will be 17 next month. Sure, I was only seven when she was born but I can still remember that day crystal clear.

    – I tend to keep just rolling as I have been.

    – depends on the characters and the situation. I swear a lot so it doesn’t faze me too much in adult fiction, but I’m a bit more uncomfortable in YA. It also doesn’t tend to sit right with me if I’m reading a high fantasy and suddenly there a Fs and Cs being spouted everywhere.

    • Definitely my favorite device, but I love it twenty times over when you think they went to say one thing and it turns out a completely different thing. So half word reveal plus misunderstanding is awesome sauce. (I didn’t make awesome sauce, though.)

      I swear quite a bit too. And I agree the words use has to fit the tone of what you’re writing. I mean, while not a swear but close, “douche nozzle” would not fit an 1800’s piece for sure. 🙂

  9. Catching herself is one thing…covering up the mess up is another =P Hope she can do it to keep whatever it is hidden.

    As for what makes me feel old? My knees.

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