Road Work, No Regrets, and Fashion

Life, Row80, WIPpet Wednesday, and Meatballs.
Sorry, we’re out of meatballs.

On Monday, my husband went back to work, so we’re just returning to normal.  As normal as we can be (which is not at all in the slightest).  In other news, they grooved up the road right in front of my house and are redoing it.  The managed to pave half the road back already.  Just not the side I’m on.  Cross your fingers for this to be done soon!  I find it so unnerving to drive on that bit of chopped up road.



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I got what I think is important done.  Writing words?  Hella important.  (BTW, I have a weird story about me and the word hella… Maybe I’ll share it some time.  Not enough time to share it in this post, though.)  Hella done.  Visiting my fellow ROWers?  Rolled a d6 and got 3.  Sure I visited them yesterday, but I did it.

I obviously came up short on the other two.  Family time won.  As it should.  No regrets.  Also, I started reading MOUNTAIN CHARM along side of FRANKENSTEIN.  It totally helps my brain to switch between the two.

Plans For the Week: My last two crits for PMGCB should be here by the end of this week.  SQUEE!  Though, I’ll likely wait for next week to start in on them.  (I like to read and process before even considering tackling.)  I have scheduled a look at my pre-writing sheets Saturday.  Not sure if one pass will get them ready for use, but the Trickster and the Necromancer (I have yet to name them) want the journal written and corrected right now.  That said, I hope to have full bars on 3 out of four of my goals this week.

WIPpetWIPpet Wednesday
First, sorry if I didn’t visit your WIPpet last week and sorry it took me until yesterday to visit the ones I did.  The linkie had reset by the time I got to it and I did my best to hunt down as many as I could.  I should have visited earlier, but family first.

What is WIPpet Wednesday?
This is when WIPpeteers share a bit from a work in progress (or WIP) and use the date to decide how much to share.  KL Schwengel runs the show.  Find the linkie on her page to read other people’s work or join in.

WIPpet Math
Last week, everyone was “7 sentences is not enough.”  So, let’s get complicated.  Today is the 24th day in July (7) in the year 2013.  For the page we’ll continue with the day.  For the sentences, we’ll add all the remaining numbers as single digits: 7+2+0+1+3= 11.  That’s  11 sentences from page 24.

About My WIPpet
I am once again sharing from FLAMES, my YA Fantasy.  Last week a new, unnamed character told you our narrator’s name (Mason- that’s a girl’s first name in this case).  This week I share that that character’s name.

“Not those.” Lasrina looked me up and down. “You really have no care for fashion? Of course not. How else could you just stand there in that thing without squirming. Change into something else. Quick.”

I wanted to laugh. All I could do was give her a look and a nod. “Well, at least I have you to help me with it all. Otherwise, can you imagine?”

Lasrina made a sound. “Thank heavens I am here! Hurry up, next!”

Optional Pop Quiz
What’s your version of normal?
Do some goals out rank others for you? Should “lower goals” be dropped?
What do you think Mason was wearing to make Lasrina react so?

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25 thoughts on “Road Work, No Regrets, and Fashion

  1. Ah yes, the fam. Arguably the biggest and bestest thing which pulls me from my writing.
    Hell. It’s summer. Have some fun!
    ~Just Jill

    • I’m not beating myself up over just because you are totally right. It is summer. This is the best time to be with family and romp, for sure!

  2. WIPpet sounds like a bit of fun. Yup, family always has to come first; the words will be there tomorrow 🙂

    • WIPpet is totally fun!

      In my case words are only happening once or twice a week, due to summer. But, there are new words. That’s the important part! 😀

  3. I love the curtness of Lasrina – she’s so dismissive. I’ve met people like her. They don’t exactly make you feel good about yourself – in fact they make you want to crawl away and hide. Or alternatively laugh like Mason.

    • Lasrina’s trying to come from a good place… It’s just Mason is the first ungirly girl she’s ever met, so it there is no middle ground. And Mason finds it funny how worked up Lasrina, because clothes just cover you, right? 🙂

  4. LOL, I am sooo in that same boat, I rely on others to help me out when it comes to fashion. It takes the right kind of person for me to shop with so I don’t get offended by their honesty like Lasrina’s. I was right along with Mason though in laughing internally to her dress reaction.

    • My friends were brutal when we went shopping together. I think that’s why i shopped alone a lot. I am a harsh enough critic as is. 😉

  5. I love that first line, particularly Lasrina quipping ‘How else can you just stand there in that thing without squirming.’ Is it a pink frilly dress? An all-in-one jumpsuit? Denim dungarees? 🙂

  6. I feel like I’m Mason and Lasrina is all of my friends. *head desk*

    I think it’s lingerie…but I’m just being facetious

    • Oh, so it wasn’t just my friends that were like that? Yay!

      I’m pretty sure it is a dress. (I forgot what she was trying on!) Though, I forget if it is everyday or ball gown.

  7. 1. Normal is subjective, therefore it doesn’t exist tangibly. If you want to get technical, there are statistical norms that may be used to determine an average range, but it will be a range, not a solid point. Therefore, normal, if it is anything, is a dot that falls within a predetermined range on a bell-curve graph.

    2. Yes. Definitely.

    3. Probably. Highly successful businesses keep Stop Doing lists as well as To Do / Try Out lists. The trick is to determine what IS lower, and what is IBNU (important but not urgent – stuff that brings you personal satisfaction but never makes it to the “must do NOW” list.)

    4. Grass green sweatpants with a baggy orange T-shirt.

    And family is more important that WIPpets, so no worries. 🙂

    • 1. Your version of normal is technical. I’m calling if I ever have to take a test!
      2. We agree! 😀
      3. I never really thought of a IBNU list. Must think about that now.
      4. That is hideous. My son would want the t-shirt.

      Thanks 🙂

  8. kathils

    Family definitely comes first. Although, I admit, I occasionally have to be reminded of that when I’m on a roll and don’t want to be disturbed. The hubby usually gets the brunt of that. Poor guy.

    I’m guessing Lasrina would turn inside out at the torn jeans and frayed t-shirt I’m currently wearing.Oh, and the jeans have paint on them as well. It’s all the rage, you know.

    • I’m super prone to guilt. Even if I don’t write for a good reason (like family), I’ll beat myself up about it. For once, I’m being healthy and not mean to myself about it.

      Lasrina would not freak out entirely, but she’d be bothered why you chose that over nicer clothes you probably had available. It would seem bonkers/nonsensical to her.

  9. Those lumpy-bumpy bits of grooved road are… *shudders*

    You didn’t get as much reading done this week, but it looks like you got a lot of writing done. And you made your visits, even if you didn’t get them all done right away. It’s progress. The reading will probably increase as winter approaches and family wants to be inside in the warm more often.

    A Moo-moo.

    • They paved it over just after lunch! The road is once again whole! YAYS!

      Surprisingly, summer is my reading season. Some days laying still reading is the best way to stay cool. Since I can’t write, the kids and I read (that and it makes it quiet… precious quiet). But, we spent a lot of time away from the house end of last week/weekend, so reading didn’t happen. We’re now back to our summer regular schedule, things should be better this week.

      • Well, I’m certainly hoping so. When our lives and goals are out of balance, it can be extra hard on us. Keep trucking, Gloria… especially now that you have nice new pavement to do it on.

  10. Hmmm. Was she wearing a hideous bridesmaid dress from a distant cousin who doesn’t like her’s wedding?

    • You know, there’s this a scene (either this one or a later one) where she tries on tons of gowns… I think some of those were bridesmaid dresses. I should really go read page 23 to remember what she’s trying on! 😉

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