Pie, 50%, and Name

Life, ROW80, and WIPpet Wednesday

Love my local Great Lake and all, but… Lakes do not have beaches. Oceans, seas, and gulfs have beaches. Lakes have shorelines that people dump sand along side. Still an awesome place to spend the morning, though.

Since Saturday, my husband has been home (took time off from work for a stay-cation).  He’s discovered the awesomeness of morning walks at the state park.  He also sprung for us to go to the movies and see DESPICABLE ME 2.  And yesterday there was a morning swimming/splashing in Lake Erie.  We’ve also been staying up late (resulting in naps during some days).  And we’ll continue to do so the rest of this week!  Then, on Saturday we shall feast on pie* and pork steam buns to celebrate the anniversary of my husband’s birth!  IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS!!!

*- He wanted me to try out a pie instead of having cake… Not that this pie is healthier in any way… It is butterscotch pie… But, hey he likes pie more than cake and it is his birthday, so I’m on it!  Seriously, though, IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS!


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Today’s update is brought to you by the phrase, “Killing it!”  Writing goal?  FLAMES reached 50% done and, obviously, I’m killing it.  Reading? I’m back to FRANKENSTEIN and I’ve read more this summer than I did all last year (this book puts me over).  Killing it.  Exercise?  Last week was a fail, but this week is killing it!  Visits was “luck” vs. “killing it.”

Plan For This Week:
Nothing is typical this week.  I’m not sure when I’ll get my words in.  I will get them in, though.  Just not sure how much and when…

From the To Do List Goals… PMGCB is still out with readers.  Can’t do anything there.  Pre-writing sheets still need love.  This is a “maybe” for this week.

Regarding FRANKENSTEIN… It makes me sleepy.  Okay, I’ve been extra sleepy since I quit smoking.  But, this just makes it worse.  I might have to juggle read like my son is doing.

WIPpetWIPpet Wednesday
Hope no one minds the WIPpet logo I made to use on here.  I have a thing for logos and while I saw others use cool ones, I wasn’t sure if I could use them or not…  And then I thought I should make one.  That’s what I came up with.  Anyone that may want to use it, can go for it.

What is WIPpet Wednesday?
This is when WIPpeteers share a bit from a work in progress (or WIP) and use the date to decide how much to share.  KL Schwengel runs the show.  Find the linkie on her page to read other people’s work or join in.

WIPpet Math
I know my math is very vanilla.  But, I like vanilla.  Why do people got to hate on it?  July 17th or 7/17 means 7 sentences from page 17.

Info On My WIPpet
I’ll be sharing from FLAMES (again), a YA Fantasy.  Last time, I introduced you to the narrator and her dictionary.  This week, I reveal her name and introduce another character.  By total accident, I withhold the other character’s name.  Maybe I’ll reveal that next week!

“Mason, stop!” All at once life came back to her. She was lunging forward toward me. Horror no longer a mask, but panic.

And I didn’t understand, nor did I listen. I crawled right back into a table. I sent it wobbling and a vase fell on my back, covering me in water.

End of Post Questions!
Do I stick a candle in the pie?  What do you like better (cake or pie)?
Have you met a book you like, but had a hard time reading? How did you deal with it?
Has anyone every told you to stop, but you didn’t listen? What was your result?

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29 thoughts on “Pie, 50%, and Name

  1. Congratulations on your goal success! Killing it, indeed. And happy birthday to your husband (on Saturday)! My family has done birthday pies before; my brother vastly prefers them to cake. Usually something like apple or blueberry. Mmmm…

    Interesting WIPpet snippet there… It’s funny, I always think. “Oh, seven sentences, that’s a lot!” and then I read it and go, “Nope. Not enough.” 🙂

    • Thank you and I shared the birthday wishes (early so I wouldn’t forget). This is the first ever birthday pie in my life. It feel weird for me.

      When I was sharing from PMGCB, since the writing was quite a bit tighter, it was definitely “enough.” But, this is so loose it definitely isn’t.

  2. You rocked your goals! Answering your questions:

    Do I stick a candle in the pie? Nah. Crust doesn’t lend itself to supporting candles very well. Even butterscotch…one of my favorites 😀
    What do you like better (cake or pie)? Pie most of the time. Depends, I suppose.
    Have you met a book you like, but had a hard time reading? YES! Rising Sun was like that for me. It took me months to read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but couldn’t tell you exactly why it took me so long.
    How did you deal with it? I forced my way to the middle and grew so frustrated I almost walked away. Then a friend suggested I check out the audiobook from our library. It was like magic. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. Maybe it was something about the way the words “sounded” in my head…
    Has anyone every told you to stop, but you didn’t listen? Of course 😀
    What was your result? A huge range from nothing happened to me accidentally catching my mother’s sandals on fire (don’t ask LOL!).

    • We never even heard of butterscotch pie until I ran across the recipe. Can’t wait to try it. And thanks for the candle advice! Won’t try it. 🙂

      But, I really want to ask. And I really want to know! Please? With butterscotch pie on top?

  3. Congrats on killing it! Ugh, I gotta get back to some kind of WIP and participate with you gals next week. New personal goal!

    • kathils

      You also have the option of sharing a BEGINNING. The first words, sentences, paragraphs of what may or may not blossom into an actual WIP. After all, it’s a good exercise for your writing brain and you never know when inspiration will hit. 🙂

      • Thanks. All you WIP sharing peeps have been so encouraging. I’ll focus on contributing next Wednesday. 🙂

    • Thanks! And I totally love being a part of WIPpet Wednesday. I had been wanting to do it for months and feel stupid for waiting so long to do it. The WIPpeteers are awesome sauce!

      • Hmm, I do like awesome sauce. I think I’ve been waiting on my CP to give me feedback stuffs, but maybe I’ll just use another WIP for the time being for the WIPpet Wednesday.

  4. So many questions! What should I say? I like pie. I like cake, too. I’ve read lots of books I had a… Yes, I think I’ve done that- Wait! What was that noise? Could it be something horrible? … Oh. No. It was just my brain exploding. I’m no good at pop quizzes. 😛

    I have a feeling your poor character is about to be even more unhappy than he/she is right now. Nice blurb! 🙂

  5. kathils

    If someone would have told me there was going to be a quiz I would have studied. Dang. *leans over in chair* Um . . . the answers are . . . in order: 1) Absolutely! 2)*stretches to look over shoulder* I forced my way to the middle 3) I like pie! 4) *goes to get drink, glancing about innocently* Killing it, indeed. 5) It’s funny and 6) *drops pencil, picks it up* It was like magic.
    *puts pencil down and hands in quiz* I do believe I killed it. 😉

    Okay, so you killed your goals better. Nice excerpt. I love the feeling of uh-oh! sudden panic.

    • Thank you. 🙂 You get an A+++ 120% (you get extra credit).

      The new character in this bit is very animated, so it was fun to have her react to a minor (could have been avoided) accident.

  6. Butterscotch pie! *drools* Damn, now I want pie… Awesome work on the goals! You are definitely killing it! Intriguing WIPpet, too; I’m guessing water is not a good thing for this character?

    • Water is water… Though, she can have “totally hating it” moments with it. This was just a small one mistake leads to another. I like accidents in books because they tend to happen daily to and around people even if there are no klutzes around. There’s no smoothness in a day. Novels need the less than smooth.

  7. I have done lemon merrangue (yup, totally spelled that wrong, oh well) pie and cheesecake for birthday cakes before, as I am not a super lover of cake myself. As for a book that I liked but had a hard time reading: well of COURSE I would have to go and forget the title. The author is jacqueline carey. The book was beautiful and I fell in love with the main character, but I am HORRIBLE at names, especially if I have to remember a lot of them, especially if there is intrigue involved with said names, and most especially if those names happen to be french ones. I am NOT a french reader! The language baffles me and most often times that name sounds completely different in my head than it should in real life. How did I cope? I loved the story enough (not to my mention my boyfriend-now-husband who told me to read it) that I pushed through the name dilemna, and thankfully the author was kind and told me when I needed to remember a particular detail that was important to the intrigue of the plot. I have read four of her trilogy series now as a result of pushing through.

    I am with Kate, seven sentences *sounds* like a lot, but then I read it, and it feels like two! Life suddenly coming back into her, I like that. Too short!

    • I suck at reading names myself. I will go through novels just “spotting” the name rather than reading it. I actually spent a book thinking as the male lead as “M guy” and when the villain’s name was revealed, I couldn’t read it. It also started with an M so it was “Other M guy.” Totally know your pain!!!

      Maybe, I’ll share more next time. Maybe. 😉

  8. Have to say I like pie better than cake. And I definitely don’t like water splashed on my back!

    • Lots of people prefer pie… Makes you wonder how cake won the special occasion food of choice.

      I went swimming recently for the first time in like forever… My kids splashed me and OMG, it was worse than I remember it. I made weird sounds!

  9. Yay on killing it! Way to go, girl!

    I too prefer pie — and have made pie on request for birthdays before. When it comes right down to it, I hardly ever make cake. Crisps, pies, cheesecake, ice cream — those are our desserts, when I make any at all. And I haven’t put candles in a birthday anything in a LONG time. *g*

    • I love making any dessert. Give me a new to me recipe and I squee. 🙂 I do make cakes often, though. My family’s favorite is rum cake.

      I love the tradition of birthday candles and making wishes (even if they aren’t likely to come true).

  10. Great job on killing your weekly goals! Sounds like you’re doing good. And Happy birthday to your husband.

  11. Mason sounds really scared. Interesting and I’m definitely wanting more!!

    • She’s definitely not whistling rainbows. 😉 I promise this WIP will be around for a while, so you’ll get more… Just very slowly!

      [insert evil laugh here]

      • Lol well ill be gone for two weeks soon so I might miss some. =( I’m flying home to meet my new god babies!!!!!

        • That’s an awesome reason to be missing stuff! Have a safe trip and enjoy the precious babies. Drink up their youth! 🙂

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