Writing Music: Can’t Nobody

Song: Can’t Nobody (Korean Version)
Group: 2NE1

Trivia: Yes, I’m in a revisiting mood lately.  I AM THE BEST was their first appearance on my blog.  I keep waiting for their English CD to drop from when they were working with Will.I.Am.  CAN’T NOBODY also has a English version (NSFW language otherwise it would be the one up there, because I like this version better).  The English version feels like a teaser of what’s to come.

You Tell Me:
They have lots of outfits in this. Which is your favorite?
CAN’T NOBODY stop you from __fill in the blank__.
What did you think of the song/video? 

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2 thoughts on “Writing Music: Can’t Nobody

  1. I love jackets, so I liked her many jackets. The different hairdos were kind of fun to see too. Sometimes I wonder, though, if whenever people make a video like this if they’re ever thinking, “This is the weirdest thing ever to be getting paid for.” 😉

    • My favorite is the one the video is on before you hit play (worn by Minzy). The kind of goth business look. She’s also my favorite.

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