WIPpet Wednesday: Clothes

The character concept drawings for PMGCB.

PMGCB main character concept sketch from near the start of the project.

I’ve been considering joining this… Group? Challenge?  Meme?  Activity?  Well, I’ve been considering joining this WIPpet Wednesday thing.  And what better time than now?  (Actually, the only time worse than now is the holidays.  But, sure.  Let’s go with nutty logic.)

What’s WIPpet Wednesday?
It’s when people share a bit from a work in progress, using the date in some fashion to decide how much they share.  KL Schwengel runs the show.  Find the linkie on her page to read other people’s work or join in.

What WIP am I sharing?
I have 2 WIPs I could share from. I decided I should share something from the one that’s closer to finishing (third draft editing stage), PMGCB.  (This has no official title yet.)

How do I abuse the date for sharing?
It is the 6th month, so 6 sentences.  It is the 26th day, so let’s skip to page 26.  I went simple.

What’s my excerpt?
Nervously, Faye ran her hands across her clothes. They felt different than normal ones. Human clothes were made from cloth. Pixie clothes were made from petals, insect silks, and leaves that never dried. There was a big difference. You couldn’t compare the two.

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24 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Clothes

  1. Yay, new blood! Welcome to the WIPpeteers, and thank you for sharing! I think I’d like pixie clothes…

    • Oh, my. WIPpeteers? That sounds awesome! A cool name is totally a bonus to joining!

      They are fashionable as well! Though, the fact Faye is wearing a halter top (room for wings) and cargo capris was on a previous page. 🙂

  2. Welcome Gloria! Yes, the WIPpeteers have a cool name and are a lovely bunch. 🙂 Beautiful little extract leaving me with a vivid image of Pixie clothes!

    • I figured a small bit of “world building” would be a good introduction. It was that or Grandpa Bark flying in through the window. It felt weird introducing a side character instead of the main, first. (I actually struggled with what to put up.)

      Can’t wait to read everyone’s, but first I have to reach my word goal for the day. 🙂

  3. Oooh I like this! Pixie clothes sound great, where can I get some?? Seriously, a great excerpt and I enjoyed it. 🙂 I’m wondering if Faye’s been turned into a pixie hence the clothes…

    • You need to go ask a pixie for some clothes. (Faye got hooked up with hers thanks to her mom.)

      And, you basically called it. The clothes are in prep for the transformation. 😀 (There’s a wee bit more to it, though. We’ll see what I reveal next Wednesday.)

  4. Pixie clothes. What a fun idea! Welcome to the WIPpeters!

  5. You made the leap, Gloria–welcome!

    Pixie clothes sound very soft and a bit sticky. 😉

    • More like a belly flop. 😉 Tehee!

      You know that shirt that keeps sliding in a way that annoys you? Pixies so don’t have that issue! 🙂

      • Neat… I have one of those shirts that not only slides the wrong way, but also catches on the dry elbows. Do Pixie clothes avoid that problem too? Or are they elbowless?

        And no belly flops! They hurt.

  6. Awesome WIPpet, I’d never given serious thought to pixie clothes before, but it stands to reason they wouldn’t use boring old human fabric. Fascinating! And like the others – welcome!

    • Thank you!

      What made me think about it was something that I did as a kid. I once put a coarsely woven, normal fabric on a barbie. As a kid it bothered me, but it wasn’t until I was a bit older and recalled the memory that I realized the scale of the weave was off. So, I went with insect silks as their weaving medium and then i thought about what would be their “leather” and came up with petals and leaves. Still haven’t figured out fur, though.

      • Very cool. I love hearing how the thought process went. Not sure about fur either, excepting it might need to be off smaller animals with finer fur.

  7. I love the description/comparison! And I look forward to hearing more about the pixies; that is right up my alley. 😀 Welcome to the group!

    • Thanks. 😀

      I can’t wait to share more. Though, with another WIP (writing rough draft) and another waiting to enter edits (like PMGCB is), I don’t know how long until I change gears. 🙂

  8. kathils

    Welcome to the WIPpeteers! We so enjoy fresh meat . . . new writers. Hope you like our uniforms. Not as soft as Pixie clothes, but very fashionable in their own way. Especially the quill in the hat. Functional as well as stylish.

    Excellent excerpt. I love the idea of “insect silks”. It makes me picture dragonfly wings for some reason. I’m thinking Faye is in for some kind of adventure.

    • The quill in the hat sounds awesome! Thanks! 🙂

      The pixies would faint if they saw dragonfly wings made into clothes, since they have the same exact wings. Though, some of the nastier races (like crow harpies) might add something like that to their clothes to get the pixies riled up.

  9. mysticcooking

    Cute sketches! And I like your excerpt. Is Faye a pixie in human clothing or a human in pixie clothing? I love the idea of a character named Faye in a pixie story. 😉

    • Faye is half-pixie (half-human). And I totally did the Faye (fey) thing on purpose. It’s something I salvaged from a failed work. So glad I got to use it.

  10. Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday! The description of Pixie clothes makes my fingers twitch and want to sketch! I look forward to reading more 🙂

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