Summer Blogging

Summer blogging. Had me a blast.  
Summer blogging.  Happened so fast…

Earlier this week, the brick beast unleashed the spawns to run wild.  In other words, school’s out for summer.

This means the routine I live from late August to this point cannot exist anymore.  Everything has to change.  I’ll be ironing out a new cleaning schedule with 50% more child labor kid involvement.  And I have a theory for a new writing schedule, but theory and practice are two separate things.

And, yes, there’s even planned changes to my blogging.

Jae, are you worrying?  Please don’t.  My current Monday through Wednesday schedule will remain untouched.  The writing music will flow.  (See? No need to worry!)  I’m going to get Artsy Fartsy (possibly with a new version).  And I’m a die hard ROWer, so that isn’t going anywhere.

But, that leaves two days of the week unaccounted for.  Those two are the changes!  Ready?

Thursdays I’ll be sending you Summer Postcards.  Okay, this could totally fall into Artsy Fartsy material, but it is having its own day.   I’ll take an image from my week (like, a puddle) and write you a little something (like “It has been raining all week.  Hope your weather has been better.”).  Think of it as me pen pal-ing you.

Fridays’ schedule icon stays the same, but it gets a new meaning.  Summer Reading!  Here’s the cool part about this: It won’t be just my summer reading.  I’m bringing my kids (Pooka and Monster) along for the ride.  Totally not sure the logistics of this yet, but it is going to happen in some manner.

Are blog schedules a good or bad thing?
If you have one, how do you handle “interruptions?”
What are your plans for summer?

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2 thoughts on “Summer Blogging

  1. Um, I was for a second. よかったですよね?I’ve got a good critique partner, sort of out of the blue, so I’ll probably be reworking my novel over the summer. (なに?!Another draft?!) I should make myself a schedule. Things have been so hectic with work lately I’ve just been in survival mode. I can’t imagine doing all that I do and adding kids on top of it, so I salute you. あなたのこどものなつはがんばてね!

    • I swear by scheduling. Honestly, gives me one less thing to worry about. (“Oh, time to pick a music video! Weeeee!”)

      Yayz! on the new crit partner. I know how hard those are to come across. Another draft? まじで?!Best wishes.

      I thought long and hard for this schedule (because it maybe everyday, but I tried hard to make sure it was super simple). Of course tweaks might occur, just like I’m daily tweaking my other schedules as needed (practice vs. theory is a be-och).

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