Writing Music: Mine

Song: Mine
Artist: Kim Jaejoong

Trivia: He started off as a member of TVXQ, but is now a member of JYJ.  This video is full of lots of symbolism that ties to his career.  Basically, SM Entertainment tried to restrain him (and two others), but he won his freedom.

You Tell Me:
What exactly did he become in the end?
Owl, Dog, or Latex Rhino?
What’s your favorite symbolic music video?

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2 thoughts on “Writing Music: Mine

  1. Can’t really think of why, but just loved this video. And it was even more enjoyable knowing about the symbolism. I don’t know how it is in Korea, but it can be super sucky to be any kind of star in Japan. You have to work ridiculously hard, almost like a slave. Our movie stars here are total spoiled brats in comparison. Musicians are still living it up here in comparison. I’m glad he was able to break free from his tyrannous company.

    • This is what I’ve picked up (though it may not be 100% true). Korean idols are allowed to date and won’t be fired for it (unlike people like Matsumoto Jun or any of the AKB 48 girls). The work hours and crazy schedules are the same. And you’re right. Our artists have it ten times easier, but our public is harsher. A singer here wants to act and everyone here attacks them. In Korea or Japan people get excited.

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