Like Amanda says, you should ask me.  If it is within my power, I will do it.  I’ll be more than happy to.  So, don’t be afraid.  Ask.


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3 thoughts on “Asking

  1. I love this TED talk. I’m always more inclined to give money to people on the street who are doing something than the guy I see walking from person to person bumming change. This is what the free market is all about: choice and the free exchange of goods built on a mutually agreed upon exchange. If I want to give her money for a flower or for an interaction, if I feel like that’s worth something to me, then why not? She’s entertaining me or comforting me, we pay for these sorts of things all the time in other ways. What I love about the internet is it’s getting the greedy middle man out of the way.

    Something I really loved that she said: “Celebrity is about a lot of people loving you at a distance.” I’m always surprised to meet authors who don’t bother with social media. I ask them, how do you expect to build a platform and have anyone be interested in your writing if they can’t connect with you. They usually give me a blank stare. I guess that’s the publishers job to build the platform, not theirs—which is so astounding to me! And going along with Amanda’s attitude, why wouldn’t you want that interaction with others? Boggles my mind.

    • First, gotta tell you: This comment broke my streak I had over the weekend and Monday of 666 comments. I felt positively evil. 😉

      It really isn’t the publisher’s job from what I heard. You can get zero to tons of publicity depending on the publishing house and where they prioritize it. Debuting authors tend to get very little. People shouldn’t be counting on that.

      • I think these people envision themselves as the next (success wise) Stephanie Meyer or J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins or something. I say, why not take advantage of a free platform to spread the word? Besides, the best part of social media, at least for me, has been meeting other authors. I feel a lot more motivated around my peeps to keep writing. 😀 (Now you’re evil no more! 😉 )

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