Jynxihime the Gray

Getting closer to the finish line.

As per Orihime’s uniform, I went with a gray skirt.  I find I had to pull as much Orihime as I could to strike this balance.

That said… Next one is the final!  So, here’s the next to last:


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2 thoughts on “Jynxihime the Gray

  1. What program are you using for coloring? And do you have a Wacom (or Wacom-like tablet) or are you using your mouse? Looking good! いいですね!

  2. From the start to now I have been using Manga Studio Debut 4. Unlike pro artists, I don’t jump around from one program to another. I stick with one from start to end. I discovered the masking layer option thanks to a friend and have been addicted to it this whole process!

    And I use my Wacom Intous 3 tablet for all my drawing, but a mouse for everything else. I know I can supposedly use it to replace my mouse for everything, but I just can’t

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