Thinking Hard, Not Ready to Act


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ROW80 4/17 Check-In

This week has been full of good.  Last Friday a new song by an artist I like came out (check my Monday link at the bottom to hear it).  At the end of last week, I helped spread the word about Peter Smalley’s new novel EMERALD CITY BLUES (I love helping authors out).  Saturday, I fed my vegan friend food (this is a long story that involves righting some wrongs).  Monday, I made a deal with a friend that will get me surprise books in the mail.  Yesterday, Jae interviewed me on her blog, Lit and Scribbles (she’s the awesomest).  Just lots of things that made me happy and were good.

However, a couple of things got me thinking this week about my social media schedule.  I lost some writing time to social media moments this past week…  Not cool.  I had a thought about this at the start of the year, too.  I almost worked out a whole schedule because I wanted to ensure my writing time.  But, I thought it would have been to much to put on myself at the time.  I’m not sure I’m ready to do anything about it now either.  I’m just thinking on it.  Thinking really hard.


This is a screen grab of my meters that track my weekly progress on three of my goals.
My writing ended up being at a level I expected it to be two weeks from now. Blew it out of the water.
My reading is doing just as great. I finished another book and nearly quadrupled my goal.
As for my exercising, I thought that was going to fail! But, with a few extra workouts, I pulled off a win.

Anyways, it’s that time again!  Time to tell you how things went this week with my goals! 

Obviously good, right?  I mean look at that there! –>>

This week I visited 3 (last Wednesday) and 6 (Sunday) ROWer blogs.  To be honest, I visited more than that, because I don’t count blogs I already follow regularly as part of that number.  I spent four lunches studying this week, three Japanese language study and one English grammar.  That means I met the minimum for those goals.

I had wanted to cross off (at least in part) one of my To Do List Goals.  A change in my schedule caused me to miss out on that.  So To Do List Goals remain the same.  Boo!

Will This week be as good?  Yes, but only if I stick with the plan!

#1- Writing
I’m still working on FLAMES ( not a surprise since I just started it).  Now, my goal for this week should be 5,500 words.  But you saw that meter!  I’m skipping a week in my word count increase schedule.  This week’s goal shall be 6,000.

#2- Procrastination List Cross Off
Let’s give this another try, okay?  Maybe I’ll have better luck with it this week.

#3- Experiment D
I’m not starting this yet.  But I need to have it ready to start soon.  If I wait any longer I’ll miss the window of scheduled finish it.

#4- Exercise Smarter
I was scrambling to get all my calories burned.  I need to approach it with more of a plan.  And for the love of my calves, I need to do my yoga before I go running!

Do you have a social media schedule?
How do you balance social media and writing?
Ever get ahead of your plan/goals?

Thur- Autism Awareness Month
Fri- Missing Plot Warning Signs
Mon- Writing Music: GENTLEMAN
Tues- Jynxihime’s Sweater

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11 thoughts on “Thinking Hard, Not Ready to Act

  1. I try to use social media checks as a reward for hitting certain points in my writing. If I finish writing a chapter section, 5 pages, or complete a plot goal, I take 30 minutes to check my sites. As far as getting ahead, I get ahead on some, but it isn’t often that it happens. Usually it’s at the cost of falling behind on other projects.

    • The reward system. I tend to use that in a different manner (full task = big reward), because little rewards always end up being abused and sending me off track.

      “Yay! I earned five minutes to polish my vase.”
      [twenty minutes later]
      “I only meant to do it for five minutes! Now when am I going to brush the chicken?”

      For more disciplined individuals, that is a great approach. Sucks that I’m not one of them!

      I haven’t noticed sacrifices just yet, but I do feel a problem looming on the horizon.

  2. Hey, on one level, it’s an advantage that you like to spend time on social media. I tend to regard it as a chore and don’t do enough! If I could only figure out how to use Facebook effectively … *g*

    • I’m not one to ask on efficiency. (Obviously! 😉 ) There are times it is a chore, for me as well. It all depends what I’m doing. I almost wish it was constantly a chore so I could sort it all out easier,

  3. I am confused by your assertion that you are not a disciplined individual. You write 6K words per week! That’s like 1,000 per day! And you met or exceeded all your tracked goals this week! Just sayin’. But maybe my idea of “disciplined” is different from yours simply because I was *supposed* to be writing 1,000 words per day every day this month and I have written 0. (Self-pity/loathing party.) Anyway, I guess all I mean is that from where I’m standing: Woman–you should be *proud* of yourself! Go, Gloria! WOOT! WOOT! 😀

    • Writing isn’t so much an exercise in discipline for me, as an active outlet of my stubbornness (thank you, Cuban genes). That isn’t a joke. My writing is done with this bulldog like bite grip and sometimes growling. It isn’t discipline. If I did have such a thing, I’d be writing far more words a day than I am now. (I get distracted a lot during my writing time. So, I’d say like half it currently is wasted.) I’d also be not over weight. (That reminds me, I’m making ambrosia cake tonight.)

      And if you want to break down the numbers: I write only 5 days a week so it works out to 1,200 a day. Next week, though, it will work out to 1,300 a day and be 6,500 a week. Because I am trying to develop discipline for not being “oh shiny!” while I write. 🙂

      And no need to feel bad about not accomplishing. For the longest time I operated like that. I would write maybe 1-3 days a week *if* I was lucky. I spent my writing time singing along to music or playing online games or The Sims. I think we all have times like that. They end and we get to business. So cheer up!

  4. Congrats on reaching those goals! Woo hoo!!

    Yeah, social media. I just don’t know how people write, work, live a balanced life, AND keep up to date with their social media. I don’t. Plus all those EMFs…

    That’s a great interview on Lit & Scribbles – I must look out for Bradbury’s “The Halloween Tree”!

    All the best and may the good vibes continue to flow! 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

      I read THE HALLOWEEN TREE because I remembered the old cartoon special they showed for a couple of years. There are differences from the special and the book. As I read the book I remembered more about the cartoon and differences quickly clicked in. I also saw how the book was definitely deeper. Though the ending was just as heart warming and creepy in both.

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