ROW80 Round 1 Final Check-In


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Usually, I go on about something else before getting all ROW80 on you.  But, this post promises to be long, so let’s save the waxing poetic crap for the pictures.

This Week’s Score: 25/27 [92.6% | A]
-1 Exercise (busy)
-1 Fun (busy)

I kicked I YAH out of the writer house, after making sure it was presentable to the world.  Now, it is just sit and wait.  I also started my fixes to my pre-writing for BORN.  I neglected the above in order to ship out I YAH and work on the changes that will over take my blog next month.  Still, a great effort.  Oh, and it should be noted that I crossed another thing off my procrastination list!

The Round’s Final Score: 245/295 [83.1% | B]

I think the best way to cover this is to go over my goals again, adding remarks.


This was the first day of spring. Apparently, Mother Nature lost her calendar!
No, seriously. I mean look at the road! Slushed up snow. You’d think this pic was taken in January.
This is seriously not cool in my book.


This was taken on Monday: fresh new snow. I swear, at least here in Ohio, it has been constant snow.
Did I miss that moment when we entered the reality of GAME OF THRONES and we’re stuck in that ten year winter? Did Jack Frost decide to run a mock and none of the other Legendaries are caring? What is happening?

Weekly Goals
Daylight Writing
Write 3 days a week during the week. As the round passes go from 2k/week of Daylight writing to 3k/week (if not more).
I managed 2,700 for the week.  Honestly, the fact my novel writing ended is the only reason I didn’t make it to 3k… I was only 1 week away from it!  I’ll call this an almost win.
Night Writing
Write two nights a week. Build up to doing 500/week of Night writing (if not more).
Got my two nights.  Got to 1,800 words a week.  This more than makes up for Daylight Writing I think.  Astronomical win!
Exercise (at least) 4 Times
3 Cardio (running or alternative) and 1 other (like Yoga or strength training).
Since my last run in December, snow has been constantly falling and made it impossible for me to run.  Honestly, at first I followed this.  Towards the end I didn’t manage all four.  Those weeks I did manage four, it was all cardio.  I’m reworking this next round.
Eat and Drink Better
Sunday to Friday I want to eat at the proper times (3 meals + snack) and portions (stopping the seconds). Sunday to Friday I want to drink just 1 soda/day (tea or water at other times).
I think compared to how I was eating in December, I improved.  However, I did not improve as much as I wanted to.
Fun and Creativity 
I’ll need to do something fun and something creative each week to keep me from getting too dull.
I couldn’t do both.  Creativity was removed 1/22/13 for the sake of my sanity.  (However, earlier this month I started drawing again, so it wasn’t excluded from my life, just the points.)  Fun was mostly watching COFFEE PRINCE with Basement Troll.  We have yet to finish it, because I keep getting wrapped up in other crap.  Maybe between rounds?

You know what? I blame Jack Frost. He must have given Mother Nature a cold so she can’t discipline or stop him. She’s sneezing up a storm and he’s out there ruining spring for us!

J-Lunch (at least) 3 Times
During lunch I work on studying Japanese.
Like a BOSS.
Visit 1d4 ROWers each Check-In
I visit on Mondays and Thursdays.
I think I missed a few days here and there, but I did it most of the time.  Win.
Rather than an ambiguous later, I want to schedule when I’ll do “those” things.
This goal was removed 1/22/13.  I was doing this along with a tackling procrastinated things.  I found it easier to tackle my procrastination list than scheduling.

If you haven’t guessed it, I want spring here. I’m starting to forget what the world looks like without snow…

To Do Goals
1- GRANDMA 100%
Finish this WIP novel.
Completed 2/7/13
2- Project Packet for BORN
This is a project idea I had last round.
Initially completed 2/15/13, but found flaws.  Have been actively fixing and will be done for next round’s start.
3a- Make Procrastination List
I need to write things I have been neglecting doing, so I can start doing them!
Completed 1/7/13
3b- Cross off 5 things from the Procrastination List
Enough with the procrastinating! On with the doing!
I completed items the promised 5 items by the end of January.  I also managed 3 bonus items.
4- Experiment Part A, Part B, and Part C
Each part should be done within a month (A- January, B- February, C- March).
Part A was completed 1/31/13. Part B was completed 2/17/13.  Part C was completed 3/1/13.
5- Write I YAH. Edit and send to 1st readers. Finally, submit it.
This goal was added 3/4/13 due to nothing to do.
I completed all parts by 3/25/13 .

That covers my round.  Fellow ROWers, how was yours?  All netizens, have you seen Spring?  Is it gone for forever?

Did you see the progress on Jynxihime?  Did you wish like my writing music?  And did you watch my vlog on writery interruptions?

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2 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 1 Final Check-In

  1. Wow! Good work on your goals! 😀

    • Thankies. I’m being a bit hard on myself, thinking I could have done better. I’m hoping to kick butt and chew bubble gum next round.

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