ROW80 3/20 Check-In


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My mind is already on April 1st, and I’m not talking pranks.  April 1st is when us ROWers roll out a new set of goals, right?  Well, I’ve been thinking about my goals, but I also was thinking of things that need changing.  The start of a new ROW80 round is a great time to change things up.  This time, the changes I’m thinking of are on this very blog.

But which change?  I’m  torn between two different paths.  One path is becoming a very focused blog centering around my most active interest: Japanese and Korean related stuff (of course I’d keep ROW80 –  it will be my only not uniform thing).  The other path is focusing my days, like I did with Writing Music every Monday (you’ll be treated to a “subject” each day of week).  I know a change is in order.  I’m just not sure what change it should be.

Will this be a more common sight around here? I have no clue…

In other news: My daughter, who got straight I’s (needs improvement) in handwriting last marking period, got an award for handwriting!  Out of nowhere, it got so much better.  Go her!  On Thursday, my son had a singing and recorder concert… It is called B A Cowboy because there are only 2 notes (B and A).  I love my son.  I love my son.  Monday’s Castle was AWESOME!  And it sucks us Americans have to wait until January 5, 2014 to see Downton Abbey season 4.  Now, that’s something that needs to change!

Was there a change in my weekly score?
25/27 [92.6% | A]
-2 Exercise (Hurt my back)

While cleaning on Friday, for some random reason, I pulled a muscle in my back.  It was better by Monday, but I like giving my body 24 hours of full goodness before making it jump through hoops again.  It could have been -1, but Tuesday is not a workout day and I had plans with my husband to watch The Hobbit (because we waited for it to be on DVD).  In other news, I edited and got I YAH off to first readers on Monday morning.  Before lunch on Tuesday, they got crits back to me.  (Guess what I’m doing today…)  While I didn’t get around to filming, I did write the script for my next vlog.  (Guess what else I’m doing today…)

The score so far this round: 220/270 [81.5% | C]

I wish I had a set up like this for painting my face.

Photo By: O Boticário SPFW

No pressure on me or anything, but if I have an identical or better week this time around… I could pull off a B for the round!  Totally aiming for that.  But how am I aiming for it?

1- Goodbye I YAH
I need to polish this up and get it out the door.  Definitely doable in a week.

2- Film Vlog
Once the kids are gone and I’ve eaten something, it’s make up and hair.  Hmmm, what should I wear?

3- BORN Fixing
I know what needs fixing.  I just haven’t gotten to it.  If this is taking center stage next round, I need to get this done!

ROWers, any thoughts on your April goals?  Any thoughts on what direction I should take with my blog?  Did you guess what I’m doing today?

Did you read about how I YAH got its name?  What’s awesomer, the super powers or the chanting part of Monday’s Writing Music?  Did you see the small progress on my “art project?”  Want to see one ugly goal list?

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2 thoughts on “ROW80 3/20 Check-In

  1. You make me giggle – always a good thing. Your indecision is mine I’m afraid. I’ve been ‘burt-out’ with blogging lately and thought about adding things/changing things. I used to do three memes, but when people don’t show up it’s a pain, so doubt I’ll do that again. But a change is as good as a rest – apparently? 😀 Best of luck. X

    • You do know my struggles! Feels good to know that I’m not alone in this. I think I came to a decision. I’m still wavering on it. But, thing with a blog is that just because i do one thing doesn’t mean it is set in stone! I have the power to change it, right?

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