Not White Lines

I’ve begun blocking colors via the outlines.  I’m going try a few new things coloring this in.



Got nothing else.

Without further ado, Jynxihime’s latest look:


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4 thoughts on “Not White Lines

  1. Do you draw that on the computer or are you tracing a scan?

    • I drew that all on the computer with my Wacom Intous 3 (it was a present from a friend and I lovers it) and Manga Studio Debut (a gift from my husband a couple years ago). Though, the pics I have posted thus far aren’t exports, just screen caps.

      • Very nice. I have an old Wacom, but my lines always get the squigglies when I use it. Just need practice? I really should draw more on the computer vs paper. Tracing takes a lot of time…

        • Maybe you need a driver update? I know the site has free drivers. I think also drawing program (programmed to work with tablets vs not) could be a factor. I know my lines come out fairly ugly in older/more basic programs.

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