Writing Music: Mama

Song: Mama
Group: Exo

Trivia: If you want to skip the intro, go to 1:30.  Exo has twelve members, but is divided into two groups: Exo-K and Exo-M, with each group having 6 members.  Why two groups?  Exo-K (the video above is them) sing in Korean.  Exo-M sings the same song, but in Chinese.

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3 thoughts on “Writing Music: Mama

  1. That was so freakin’ bizarre I don’t even know what to say. 😮 It’s like one of those guilty pleasure kinds of things, like listening to NSYNC in secret. 😉 But the animation from 0:00~1:30 is awesome. The narration is kind of blah, but I liked watching the animation. Hmm… Always an adventure on music Mondays. 😀

    • The video is freaking amazing. I liked the chanting part the best. It is what got me hooked on the song. Did you watch the EXO-M version? They have some different powers for the other guys and different scenes. Just as cool!

      And for the record: Most my music is a guilty pleasure. 😉

      • I did watch the EXO-M version. It’s just super, super guilty pleasure. I almost had to look over my shoulder. 😉

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