Code Name: Code Name

Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Can’t tell! I’d suck as a spy.

While growing up, not once did I want to be a spy.  Not that I didn’t like spies… I just didn’t want to be teamed up with someone like Maxwell Smart.  Or, even worse, be put in traps where the villain expects me to die.  But the stuff spies had and the things they did I always found so freaking cool!

Now, I’m a mom and, in theory, an adult.  I still am not interested in the spy life.  Unless they want me to spy on some cheesecake and “take it out.” Then, I’m sooooooo in!  Anyways, I still like spies.  I like stories about them.  I like gadgets associated with them.  And I’ve stolen a practice from them.  Code names!

I like sharing with people what I’m doing (especially on my ROW80 updates).  But, sharing can be dangerous!  It could end up unsuccessful.  It can be hater bait.  I could not finish it.  It could inspire a better idea in someone else that is direct competition with me.  The goblins might eat it.  Code names are my friends!

But, my code names are a little weird.  I have the Experiment series (I’ve had Experiment A, Experiment B, and Experiment C so far this year).  Yeah, I didn’t really plumber for a good name there.  Another code name I’ve used is GRANDMA.  In this case, I took a story element that is fairly universal and central to my story to refer to it as. And then there’s ones that make no sense like PMGCB.  Those letters tell me almost everything about the project.  And they are a fun game you can play!  “Peanut Mango Gumbo Cabbage Ball!”  “Pretty Martian Gets Camel Brained!”  “Pencil Made Girl Cry Badly!”

I know, I’m unfair.  So, just this once I’m going to tell you the story behind a code name: I YAH!

For some reason or another, I decided I needed to write something Young Adult Horror.  Not my usual bag, but I like trying different bags.  Rather than take the GRANDMA approach, I decided to do the PMGCB.  Instantly, I saw the obvious.  Everyone calls Young Adult YA, so all I had to do was drop the “orror” and end up with YAH.

So, where does the “I” come in?  K-pop.  The reason this is called project I YAH is this song:

There you go!  The story behind a code name!  This message will self-destruct in…

Do you use code names?  How do you come up with yours?  Do you think it is a silly practice?


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6 thoughts on “Code Name: Code Name

  1. If you want to call something I code name, だいじょうぶです. But for me, I guess my thinking is if I can get the name of my WIP out there, then maybe it’s more familiar already. I dunno, I’m probably overthinking my current reach. One can dream ね?このmusic videoはおもしろいです。けどI don’t really believe that がっきcan actually drive a motorcycle. Just sayin’. 😉

    • Instead of dreaming you could say that it is showing commitment and confidence in your project. My approach is definitely a more timid one. And, yeah he probably doesn’t. LOL

  2. I don’t use code names… The only person who gets them is my sister. It really doesn’t matter what I say she always gets it. No one else really does. It might start to wear off now that she is out having her own family and a whole new guy to memorize.

    • She will probably always get you. Besides, she lives so near, you’re still in effective distance! 🙂

      But isn’t the purpose of code names to keep the project secret and only let the right people know what is up?

  3. My debut novel used a series of code names, depending on the draft. ‘A Construct of Angels’ was latterly referred to as CoA v12. Not superstitious at all, I added a letter for the final ‘tweaks’, resulting in CoA v12f so that there was never a version thirteen, ever, ever. *throws black cat under ladder to be sure.*
    Then I added suffix letters like SW (Smashwords), AZ (Amazon) etc to keep the various self-published versions distinct from each other.
    So, CoA v12f SW
    Does that count as codenames, or are those simply designations?

    • I think they count as code names. Though, to you personally they would be designation, someone would guess they are related files. How they related wouldn’t be known for certain, right? At least, that’s my logic. 🙂

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