ROW80 3/13 Check-In


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Yesterday was about exiting comfort zones. See, I like routine.  (Remember my first check-in this year and teenage me in my head?)  That also means I go to the same stores and the same restaurants all the time.  It has to be something super awesome (like last year’s discovery of a semi-local Lego Store) to get me saying, “We’re going.”  But, yesterday?  It was a day stepping out into the new, unknown.

We (it was my husband’s day off) went to a home brew shop (before we always bought online) for some wine yeast and a hydrometer.  And that led to lunch at a place I had been meaning to try since my son was born (he’s 11), Steak ‘N Shake.  And let me tell you, we’re going again to both places.  The brew store owner is very nice and the store meets our needs.  As for Steak ‘N Shake? OMG, it has been so long since I tasted such a yummy burger and fantastic shake!


That’s the place mat at Steak ‘N Shake…. Well at least the portion of it showing the shake I ordered. SO NOM!!!

This is a theme for me this week it seems.  Because, I’m working on a new short story code name I YAH.  It is a non-comfort zone genre for me.  But it is going great!  I haven’t written this vividly in a while.  I’m super happy about this!

But will I be happy with this week’s score?  17/27 [63.0% | F]
-3 Eat Healthy
-1 Drink Healthy
-3 Writing
-3 Exercise

There is no excuse for the eating. That’s me obviously not caring enough about my wish to get into my Hana Kimi pants.  Bad me!  But there is a valid reason behind the writing and exercising.  My son was home for two days, sick.  The reason it is -3, and not -2, is due to the next day, when he went back to school, I had to catch up on neglected chores.  And by the end of the day I was too tired to write and wanted to watch part 2 of Kitchen Nightmares.  Still, writing wise I managed 1,539 words all on I YAH.


This week I went to Taco Bell to try that new Cool Ranch taco. OMFG! Yum! Lovers it!

For the Round 195/243 [80.2% | C]

With two check-ins left… I think I might be able to pull of a B- if I crack the whip.  Though, ending on a C+ (where I am now) isn’t terrible.  I’m already thinking of next rounds goals and if the points/grade system will stick around.  I’m also thinking of Round 4 from last year and the whole batsu game concept I did.  To be honest, I’m far from a real decision.

This week’s plan?

1- Finish I YAH
I’m 1-2k away from finishing.  Depends if I add the thing at the bottom of the stairs or not.  I should have this done soon.

2- Edit and send I YAH to first readers
This is totally doable.  It will probably occur at the beginning of next week.

3- Vlog
Sometime during all this, I need to write a vlog script, film it, edit it, and upload it.  I’m still not sure which vlog topic I want to cover (I have a list), which doesn’t help.

What do you like better: new things or routine?  Have you tried the salted caramel pretzel shake at Steak ‘N Shake or Taco Bell’s new Cool Ranch taco?  Have my fellow ROWers started thinking about next round?

On Friday, did you see me squee?  On Monday, did you need a tissue after watching that music video?  Were you surprised by my new Tuesday project?  Do you want to peek at my goals?

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10 thoughts on “ROW80 3/13 Check-In

  1. Basement Troll

    I think, like most people, I like a little bit of both. Though, I prefer to try new things more than routine. I’d give it a 60/40 split.
    Routine is good for stability, but new things keep thinks interesting and prevent life from becoming stale. =)

  2. I score pretty high on the try-new-things scale, especially when it comes to food, books, and music. Considering how busy my life is during the week, I probably have a pretty reliable routine, but it is out of necessity. Doesn’t mean I like it.

    • Yes, my routine is born from the fact I need it to ensure the things I want done get done! If I let myself do things willy-nilly, I think I wouldn’t get as much done.

  3. Yeah, the BFF and I were supposedly giving up treats for Lent. Lasted until New Mexico and now we’re far off the wagon. We can’t help it. There were coconut shrimp tacos with mango sauce to be had yesterday. And I still had some money on my In-N-Out gift card (which is funny, cuz I rarely go there) so we got a shake. Mmmm…. I wish I had access to a salted caramel pretzel shake though. おいしい!And hey, it’s anything above 60% technically a D? You still ‘passed’ right? 😉

    • I’m sorry you can’t taste the nummy shake! I’m trying to find an excuse to go there again (it is 2 cities over, so it needs an excuse).

      And you’d think I’d take the easy on me grading route, but no… I grew up with 65% being the last of the D’s. (Also C- 75%, B- 83%, and A- 92%) that’s what I’m most used to, so I stick with it.

  4. I love the shakes at Steak & Shake. Especially the Side-by-Side ones. We haven’t been there in a long time, but I do have a birthday coming up…

  5. Oh, being Australian I feel very left out. We don’t have ANYTHING like a salted-caramel pretzel shake… does it actually have pretzels in it? That seems a bit weird, I have to admit, but salted caramel sounds really nice. But I do have 6 packets of different flavoured TIm Tams, so I suppose that makes up for some of it.
    Good luck on the vlog. (I keep meaning to do a short video for YouTube, but still haven’t…)

    • The pretzels were ground up into tiny chunks and powder. I was a bit skeptical how it would work out too, but the salted caramel seduced me and honestly it works!

      I’ve heard good things about Tim Tams, but I’ve never experienced them. The world can be so small and yet so far apart.

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