Hungry Writers Eat!


My BIG cookie. No optical illusion.

It is time for food!  These are the recipes that pass the “my family, basement troll, and me test!”

Birthday Pancakes
Pita Bread

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie
Korean Beef
Copycat Pillsbury Cresent Rolls
Granola Bars
Cinnamon Rolls
Pasta Pie
Simple Slow Cooker Taco Soup

So what’s the yummy food topic for today?  RAMEN!!!  I love the stuff.  I eat it with chopsticks (because I’m geek like that).  Anyways, my ramen world was changed by this video.  How to make ramen heartier and yummier!

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6 thoughts on “Hungry Writers Eat!

  1. Mmmm… おきいなクーキーですね?おいしかったですか?いいね?Me gusta las galletas! Probably a little too much. 😉

    • にほんご fail! No clue what you said (except for cookie..). Chica, los pedasos fueron como eso de NY style pizza. Cada semana el Basement Troll dice que yo debo hacer otro.

      • lol. Easier if it’s romaji? okii na kuukii desu ne? oishkatta desu ka? ii ne? (big cookie isn’t it? was it delicious? how nice!) Tee hee! Love the Basement Troll’s decisions. 🙂

        • I was just failing on recall and refused have google translate it for help. (I was having a long/bad luck filled day and brain was misfiring every bit.)

          I think I should have made it bigger because it took double the cooking time (too thick). It was freaking tasty. Original recipe called for M&Ms on top, but I had none so I used Hershey’s melting chocolate disks in it place,

          • Mmmmm… melting chocolate disks sound like a fine replacement.

            Just remember いいね is a wonderful catch all phrase. Then it sounds like you know more にほんごthan you actually do. 😉

          • Haha! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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