Very Inspiring Blogger Award

vib-trophy-blog-m1Brittney, the awesome and fantastical, gave me this award.  So, this is where I go “Aw shucks!” and tell you YOU MUST READ HER BLOG, RAWR!

So how does this work?
The guidelines for this award:

1. Create a post and reveal 7 things about yourself.

2. Post the blog award on your site, indicate who nominated you.

3. Present the award to up to 15 bloggers that inspire you and include links to their blogs in your post.

Then, let’s do this.
Seven Things About Me

1. I’ve eaten dog food.
When I was a kid, one Christmas, my father gave me a puppy.  Thing was, I didn’t live with my father… I lived with my mom.  For some reason, I got it in my head my mom would poison my dog.  (She wouldn’t do that.)  So, before I would let Teddy (the dog) eat, I’d dip my pinky in the food and then lick it clean. I was three or four years old at the time.

2. I hate my son’s favorite color.
My son’s favorite color is orange.  I hate it.  I hate buying things in orange (unless it is orange -the food- related).  Orange school folder.  Orange on a shirt.  Orange pencils.  Those are the things kids get in their favorite colors.  All that is yuck to me.  (Still, I cave because he is my baby boy and all.)

1BNC (12)

I had some over the weekend… NOM!

3. I was in my high school marching band,but I don’t play an instrument.
I didn’t twirl a baton, but I did twirl silks, saber, and rifle.  I say did because it has been years.  If I picked it up again, I’m certain I’d start breaking fingers again.  Nothing like throwing piece of wood into the air and stopping it with finger-less gloves/just hands.  Though, given the chance I’d try.

4. One of my favorite drinks is Malta.
A malted drink with no alcohol (actually, it has like .08% or something).  Me and this drink go back, son!  Other kids wanted soda; I wanted malta.  That said, my parents, my brothers, my husband, and my kids don’t like it.  That “it is an acquired taste” line is totally applicable.

5. I wake up with songs stuck in my head.
How do I pick my Writing Music posts? I wake hearing it in my head.  It sucks because I have to work through the song sounds to figure out which one it is.  (This morning I woke up to A-Jax’s “2MYX.”)

6. Nuns don’t believe me.
I went to a Catholic pre-school.  On the playground one day I got hurt and complained and complained.  They thought I was just over reacting.  Turns out I broke my arm.

7. It has been 13 years since I’ve been on a plane.
I used to take plane related trips at least once a year until I was twelve.  I still took plane trips after that, but not as often.  But since I was nineteen, I haven’t been on a plane.

So, that’s even things about me!  It was kind of hard, since I’m open about almost everything (I tweet what’s up or put links to stuff…).  Next part is the nominations part.  Thing is most of the inspiring to me people aren’t due to their blogs.  They inspire me by conversations and/or their actions and talents.  They also tend to be the kind of people not to do these kind of things.  But I’ll tell you about them and link you to their blogs.

Paul Jessup– They say you should give everything a twist.  Paul not only twists it, he bends it, folds it, and reshapes it.  He’s deeper and more serious than I tend to be.

Leigh Dragoon– She used to be a e-zine editor, she is a writer, she is a comic scripter, and she is an artist.  Oh, and in her spare time she rescues and fosters cats.  Freaking awesome talent and a big heart.  With all the things she does, turns out that she doesn’t blog often.  But she’s an inspiration to me.

Jason Blair– He’s the man with a plan and the will to execute it.  It isn’t luck that’s gotten him his RPG and video game writing success.  He’s probably the most determined, hardest worker/writer I know.

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2 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Whaaaa? 13 years since you’ve been on a plane? Well, I guess that means you never got subjected to the TSA foolishness. Geh… I loved reading your other things. You’re a nice mom to get your boy his orange. He’ll probably grow out of it. Probably. 😉

    • Yup, I’ve never been TSA’d (thankfully). Though I know soon, I’ll have to.

      I’ve been waiting for him to out grow it for four years now. Before then, it changed every month. I think this is going to last forever.

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