Most Used Words [GRANDMA Edition]

Yesterday, I finished writing (code name) GRANDMA.  YAY!  Sure it is only the rough and edits must ensue…  But I finished it!  Party!!!

Anyways, when I finish anything over 10k, I like shoving them in word clouds to see what words I abused.  And today, I’m going to share and discuss the top used words.


#1- George
He is basically joined at the hip with the narrator of the story (Lizzie).  They get out of the car together and they go hug Grandma at the end together.  Sure,separate for instances here and there, but they together 98% of the time.  Not a big surprise.

#2- Grandma
She’s the freaking code name for the W.I.P. and an important piece of it.  The fact she is #2 shows I kept her important, which is good.

#3/4- Like and Looked
These two look like they tied, in my opinion.  Also, they share a common thing for me… Word abuse.  I abuse these words.  Like is one of my favorite words maybe because I “like” so many more foods than I love, hate, or am ambivalent about.  Additionally, I’m addicted to similes.  They are so fun, repainting a picture with another picture that describes it. She was like an unsteady ballerina as she changed the light bulb…  Yeah.  Then, there’s looked.   In first drafts, I obsess with the sense of sight.  Other senses be damned!  I also tend to obsess with eyes and gazes too (I kept that under control this time).  I’ll also be adding more of the other senses to the next draft to make it a bit more well rounded.

#5- Just
Sure, I could have done another tie thing (with asked and back), but I wanted to call this one out on its own.  This is definitely my bad habit, not needed 99% if the time, word. The word exists for a reason, but I take its existence for granted.  This is one I’ll be going back and trimming for sure (those in #3/4 will be carefully hm’ed and ha’ed over, trimmed/altered where appropriate).

So, there’s my word cloud and my word abuse/usage.  I think it looks pretty even if the editing process may get a little ugly.

Have you ever word clouded something you wrote?  Do you have words you have to be careful about over using?  Do you have a bad habit word?


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7 thoughts on “Most Used Words [GRANDMA Edition]

  1. I didn’t know I had bad habit words until a CP recently pointed it out. Apparently mine is “slightly.” There are a few others that are pretty bad, but that was the big one. Now that I’m aware of it, it’s so obvious when I look back through my WIP, I don’t know how I ever missed it. 😉

    I love the idea of using a word cloud – thanks for sharing!

    • Just watch out, once you stop one word another pops up. Mine used to be “still.” I once counted it 200-ish times in an 80k document. It was not cool (in a word cloud it was as big as George).

  2. How do you shove these novels into said word clouds? I’ve never considered doing this and I’d really like to.

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