ROW80 1/30 Check-In


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I’m officially another year older. My birthday weekend had drama.  (Me no likey.) My birthday weekend had presents and cake.  (Me likey.)  My Monday was filled with eating way too much leftover cake (like shock both my husband and Basement Troll into near speechlessness too much).    Yuuuup.

In other news: Last Wednesday was a snow day and I spent it baking with my daughter.  On Friday, I started my annual case of the birthday blues.  Hence, Cake Monday and Couch Tuesday (where I sat on the couch watching episodes of shows I missed and then I followed it up with some Dance Moms… They make me feel better about myself).  I’m hoping I wallowed enough and can get down to business today.  On the brighter side, Pooka and Monster got their report cards!  And they were awesome!

bday pancakes

My birthday cake pancakes! They were sooooo nom! They were sweetness overload for my husband (the maker of said pancakes).

How about them goals?  15/27 [55.6% | F]
-2 Day Writing (Snow Day Wed. + Cake Mon.)
-1 Night Writing (Couch Tues.)
-2 Exercise (-1 Cardio + -1 Other)
-2 Healthy Drinking
-3 Healthy Eating
-2 Visit ROWer Blogs

The good: I conquered my basement’s desk zone.
The bad: I only wr0te 1,543 of my planned 3,800 (blues spike my A.D.D.).  Blues interfered a lot… Stupid blues!

Round score (so far): 69/89 [ 77.5% | C]

Pretty much can’t do worse than last week!  So, new week, fresh start, and all that rot.  Here’s my plan:

bday cd

One of my presents! Another Korean CD. OMG I love their packaging!
(Group: Shinee | CD: Sherlock)

1. Writing
As much as I want to make progress on GRANDMA, I said I’d finish Experiment A this month.  All writing shall focus on that until it is done.  I gave myself slack last week and I’m not going to repeat it.  Daylight Writing is getting another boost with a week’s goal of 2,550 words.  Night writing didn’t get a break last week and it isn’t getting on this week either.  Week goal for Night Writing is 1,600 words.  4,150 words for the week.

2. Under the Stairs
The next zone in basement land is Under the Stairs (obviously).  I want to knock it out in one week.  This also means I’ll need a rake (there’s a door to the outside and yada yada…).

3. Be Good!
I’ve obviously lapsed bad this week.  I’m going to try my best this week, blues or no blues.  (I do still have a tiny bit of blues circling me.  Stupid blues.)

Everyone gets the blues.  Everyone has bad weeks.  But dwelling and obsessing on it doesn’t change how it was and makes the now harder.  So, let us look to the future together, ROWers and netizens!  Look forward, and not to just the window/wall/cubicle backing behind the monitor.  Let’s think about lunch!  I am thinking a ham sandwich.  What are you having?  One step at a time, right?

Need some food suggestions?  Then check out the recipes I have been making and eating!  Want some J-rock to write to?  Check out Monday’s Writing Music.  Want to see what I actually earned points for this week?  Check out my goals.

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 1/30 Check-In

  1. A belated Happy Birthday! Ham sandwich sounds good to me, too.

  2. Hey trooper! Your still checking in, and your still awesome.. so 2/2 100% in my book!:D Sorry to hear about the Drama on Bday weekend.. but, those pancakes look the bomb diggity! Talk soon!

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