Writing Music: Poison

Song: Poison
Group: Secret

Trivia: On December 11th, the group was involved in a car accident.  Most the members were just scratched up with some pain, but Zinger (the one that raps) had broken ribs and a bruised lung.  I’m familair with Zinger as she has hosted on Show!  Music Core.  (Secret has also performed on that show.)

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2 thoughts on “Writing Music: Poison

  1. Geh, sorry, too Britney Spears-ish for me. But I still love that you introduce me to new music. Never stop doing it. やくそくremember? 😉

    • はい! I remember. 🙂

      I like them in part because they have curvier members than most groups and the group isn’t an insane size. I don’t feel they fall towards Britney Spears side (because I dislike her lots), though they aren’t “soulful” like say EnVogue. Can’t think of a good American equivalent. They fall between the cracks.

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