My Novel Christmas Party

The invite might look like this?

The fantastic Jae started Novel Christmas Party at her blog.

How it works:
Imagine all your characters are attending a Christmas party (and they’re not allowed to kill each other). Answer the following questions:

1. Who’s the first to show up and who’s the first to leave? Why?
2. Who’s the first to start a fight? Why?
3. Who’s the first to get drunk? Why?
4. Who will enjoy the party most and who will loathe being there? Why?

The Explainy Bits:
So, I don’t want to do my current WIP for the answers to this because I actually have two going on right now (GRANDMA and PMGCB).  So, instead I’m going to do a past/future project.  How can something be past and present?  In this case, I am reworking a short story I once wrote into a novel: changing characters, adding characters, adding moments, telling parts of the past, and so on.  Which short story?  Flames of the Butterfly.  (Read the link if you want a basis for the answers.)

The Answers:
1. Who’s the first to show up and who’s the first to leave?  Why?
Assuming the party is at the Edgeworth home… Lasrina Stokes (new character) would be the first to show up.  She is after all one of the house maids and would be on the ready to fulfill her duties serving platters or taking coats.  Either Mason or Ram (new character) would likely be the first to leave.  Mason would leave because she feels uncomfortable mingling and dealing with so many people.  Ram on the other hand would leave because he’d rather sleep or be in a quiet room where he could hear the vengeful trying to cut his twilight years short.

2. Who’s the first to start a fight? Why?
Issac would start probably a verbal fight before anyone else.  He’d probably say something rude about Mason and if the Colonel, Nannette (new character), Gallia, Gabriel, Lasrina, or Ram heard him there would be terse words. A physical fight would be started by Edmund (new character) upon hearing Issac.  

You know, it would probably be best if they avoided alcohol...

You know, it would probably be best if they avoided alcohol…

3.Who’s the first to get drunk? Why?
General Kaya is the first to get drunk.  He feels it is his right to do as he pleases and this is a party and it pleases him to drink the best and drink as much of it as possible.  Not like any others at the party have a right to judge him.  But should anyone else get drunk, oh they are disgraces and ill fit for his company.

4. Who will enjoy the party the most and who will loathe being there? Why?
Gabriel will probably like it the most.  There are cakes and pies and all those nummy things his mother refuses to let in the house (save for parties).  Loathe would be either Edmund or Issac.  Edmund would hate the “stuffiness” of the whole thing and all the manners that need to be watched.  Issac would hate the fact Mason is there and so well liked by various people.  

I’m just thankful the Colonel and Mason didn’t get into fist fights (with others, they have no reason to fight each other).  That would get messy to say the least.  I didn’t mention Kaya’s daughter (did I even name her yet?), but she’s barely less a prick than Issac.  Oh, and I didn’t mention Vincent’s footman (new character).  Heck, even Vincent dodged the bullet in the questions!  The quietest one would be the orphan girl that gets the scar (she still does need a name)…  Yeah, this grew to be a fairly large cast.

Anyways, writer peeps that like doing this kind of thing, I suggest you do it.  It’s fun.

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4 thoughts on “My Novel Christmas Party

  1. I like the invite! Thanks for sharing. Now I know a little more about your story. For some reason, it sounds steam punk to me. Is it?

    • You’d think it would be steampunk, but it isn’t. (Because I love my steampunk.)

      It is like if Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Fire Nation took something like benders meets Fullmetal Achemists state alchemists as babies from their mother and raised them as weapons and told the public “they are dangerous” and “not human.” And the story is taking one of these weapons out of the military and throwing them in a somewhat Jane Austen social drama. Does that makes sense?

      • I think so. I guess with all this Pitch Wars stuff I’ve been up to, I’m just trying to figure how it would pitch to an agent.

        But I like the idea. Sounds fascinating! (Doesn’t hurt that you hit on things I love, like FMA and Avatar). 😉

        • No worries, I do that too (and I didn’t do Pitch Wars). I heard that a good pitching/query exercise is to do it for an already published book you’ve read/love. Like how would you pitch Harry Potter or Pride and Prejudice.

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