Non-Smoker: 9 Months and counting

Not me. No more. No thanks.

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I figured I should discuss it.  We’re at 9 months, a week, and some days since I became a non-smoker.  And now the most stressful time of the year is upon us.  That’s why I had this big rush to get holiday stuff done early.  I want nothing to sway me.

That said, I’m pretty much over needing cigarettes.  There are just unexpected moments.  Like when I see a box the wrong way, grab it like it is a pack, and I’m startled to find it isn’t a pack of cigarettes.  When I’m half asleep and think “I should smoke to stay awake/wake up.”  Now, those used to happen daily at first.  Then weekly.  I’m down to two or three times a month.  But they catch me by surprise.  They throw me for a loop and I awkwardly laugh it off.

As for mental recovery and returning to normal, I’m way better than I thought I would be.  I kind of lost hope of regaining my “functionality” after a certain point.  I’m still having A.D.D. issues since I don’t have something to help me focus, but I’m working through it with caffeine and slow attention endurance training.  However, when I get tired or have slightly off body chemistry, things go down hill and are pretty bad (though not early days of quitting bad).

As I’ve been trying to run (out of shape and smoking lung damage need time to for me to overcome), I am getting better though I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  I’m running a half mile every three days (add in warm up and cool down walking and it actually comes to a mile total… baby steps).  But I do feel my lungs regaining their youthful capacity (I was a very loud screamer and held my breath under water a for a long time when I was younger).  I still have tons of pre-quitting and a bit of post-quitting weight to deal with.  But working on running longer (which I am) should eventually get that taken care of.

Basically, no regrets.  I can’t wait to hit one year smoke free.

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3 thoughts on “Non-Smoker: 9 Months and counting

  1. My sis had the roughest time quitting smoking, but she finally made it and I think it’s been 2 years for her. Keep it up, you can do this! I’m also impressed with your running skills. I hate running, so I always give kudos to those who do. I always say I wouldn’t run to save my life, that’s why I do Kung Fu. 😉 9 months is pretty fantastic and you should be super proud of yourself. すごいよ!You should do something special to commemorate the year. 😀

    • Thanks 🙂

      For the one year anniversary my husband is buying himself an XBox 360. He offered to buy me anything I want. I’m still not sure what I will get (though I’m leaning towards a game for the xbox).

      I was totally like you regarding running before I quit smoking (except the only exercise I did was house cleaning). It was like I knew my kids would live on in the case of a zombie apocalypse, because I’d fall behind first and be eaten. But, after summer ended, I came to think that walking wasn’t doing enough and bit the bullet. I hope by this time next year I’m running a full mile (if not more).

      • You will. I have plenty of runner friends and they say it just takes time, but that you have to be consistent or you lose progress (hence why I would suck at it).

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