Experience: Daily Accomplisments

This book is always at my side.

Short Version:
Focus on what you accomplish, not what you didn’t.  Writing down your accomplishments can help chase away the feeling you are not doing enough.

Long Version:
Over a month ago, I kept focusing on what I didn’t do.  Some were big (“I didn’t pack my son’s folder today… CRAP!”).  Other were stupid (“I didn’t cross off the last two days from the calendar”).  Some were just being picky (“I should have pushed for another 50 words today”).  There were lots and lots of “I didn’t”s.

And they all left me feeling the same way:  like I had done nothing that day.  Like I was being lazy.  Like I was failing at managing life.  But truth was, it wasn’t that I did nothing.  I did stuff!  Upkeep on my home.  Striving and working hard for my dream.  Taking care of my family.  STUFF!

But, since my mind was all about what I didn’t do, I felt unaccomplished.  So, I had to kick my “I didn’t”s in the butt.

It started with me noting things on a calendar.  How many words I wrote.  If I exercised.  How many blogs I visited.  But the blocks were very small and I needed my calendar for more important things, like my daughter’s snack day, tv show premiere/finales/returns, and cleaning organization.

That’s why I tore my house apart and discovered my notebook supplies were running low.  But that wasn’t what I was after. I was looking for a journal sized thing (not something 8.5″ by 11”), preferably an actual  journal.  Best I managed was a small, much abused notebook.  There, I started keeping track of more than before.  Not only did I note I exercised, I noted duration and calories burned.  And I also managed to work in my “To Do” into these entries.

I’ve now graduated to a black. leather bound journal.  My husband, bought for me for our anniversary.  It was the bestest present ever!

That said… The accomplishments within the pages of the journal (I transcribed the information from the notebook) are making me feel way better about not only myself, but what I am doing.  Not every day may be spectacular, but little by little the things are mounting.  And thanks to this book I can see that and be proud of it.

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4 thoughts on “Experience: Daily Accomplisments

  1. Interesting what a little shift in perspective will do. Recently I attended a strengths conference where they showed that people who focus on developing their strengths rather than bemoaning or trying to strengthen their weaknesses not only develop those strengths much faster but the stronger their strengths become the more their weaknesses diminish. I think focusing on what you are doing rather than what you aren’t is a fantastic idea.

    Sometimes I have to do that with life, remind myself of all the great things I already have vs. the things I’m working towards and don’t have yet. A veces es dificil pero muy importante, verdad? It’s the way to get げんきas the にほんじんlike to say. So stay げんきand I’m glad you have a beautiful journal to help you. (^_^)

    • Perspectiva es lo único que tienes poder sobre cuando miras a un futuro sin seguridad. Let’s just say, uncertainty scares me. And it is quite a beautiful journal. My husband has awesome taste! ありがと!

  2. mysticcooking

    This is a great idea! I’ve started keeping track of how I spend my time when I sit down at the computer because I always feel like the whole day flies by and I barely get anything done. By writing it down, I can see that yes, I really am working and accomplishing things (even if I spend way too much time on facebook and reading blogs…). I think keeping an actual notebook to look back through would be even better – I might have to copy you. 🙂

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