ROW80 Round 3 Final Check-In


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[The introduction portion of post is brought to you in pirate, as Sept 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day.]

Ahoy! Oh, the woe this wench has seen since Friday past.  Arrrrgh! For the tides brought in my lazy bones.  It happens now and then.  The lazy bones, they get me.  Like a perfect storm of laziness, it seems to come from nowhere, but all the bits… Aye, they were there.  Just waiting.  Like the kracken.

Then on Saturday, a plague descended.  And those half massed sails were torn down and I was set adrift.  Just like with scurvy, oranges were the best cure.  And even with the plague upon me, Monday I went ashore to the learning building of the cabin kids.  There, they gave bargains at the bizarre of books.  The cabin boy and girl each got one, but the Captain and I, we refrained.  My book booty is still piled high.  I did not feel the need to plunder or spread my sneeze plague.

Talk like ’em! Argh!

On Tuesday, the plague showed signs of relenting.  And we heard that the booty filled shores of Halloween City were open!  Like a siren, it lured us to the shores and the Captain and I started making plans.  We took some paper lanterns as a reminder to return for more later.

And that brings us back to today, and this salty sea dog is doing quite alright.  The plague seems to have been cured (probably some sea hag’s work).  And it seems that one of my trading routes has come to an end…

1 (A) Peck at W.I.P. whenever I can. (B) Work on an experiment.
I finished part A after my surgery, so I added B. It was to try to keep me writing.  It sort of worked. I wrote at least once a week (which during summer is a big deal).  I’ll probably continue tinkering with it until round 4 starts, trying to get back into a writing routine.

2 Visit and comment on 1D10 ROWer blogs each check-in.
I think I did this most of the time.  I failed to visit before my surgery, my parent’s visit, and this past week (I had a cold if you couldn’t tell from the above).  And I got to say, 1D10 is A LOT! I might keep this goal next round, but I’ll scale down.  Way down.

3 Adopt new blogging schedule.
This went awesome. After fine tuning, on Mondays I alternate 1,006 Words (picture plus six words to build off of it) and Writing Music (which was this week and had 2NE1).  Wednesdays I reserve for ROW80 Check-Ins.  When ROW80 isn’t running, I think I’ll just take them as blog mini-vacations.  Fridays are open for anything as usual.  And last Friday, I pointed out I have 4 days a week I don’t post and I welcome guest posts or any form of promotion by other writers to come use those days.

4 Make announcement.
The Ghost IS the Machine was announced (along with my involvement).  Please buy it!  Support me and the others in this anthology! (Links on the right!)

5 Prep GRANDMA (added 9/12)
It isn’t done. (it is kind of hard to write while laying on the couch watching Hallmark Channel romance movies and anime…) But, that’s fine!  I was rethinking how I will approach this project.  Project GRANDMA will likely be the main work of Round 4.  Obviously, I’ll be finishing this up before Round 4 hits.

Round 3 was a filler round for me due to summer and having spawns munchkins demons kids.  It was meant to keep me connected to writing during that hard period of time.  It accomplished that.  Round 4 will be the round that I get everything back in gear.  Dearest ROWers, hope you did well in Round 3.  Let’s keep each other’s spirits up once round 4 hits.

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 Round 3 Final Check-In

  1. Yo-ho-ho, me heartie! Long Jeanette Silver

  2. Sings: “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me”

    LOL. I hope everything is going well after your surgery. Good luck with all your goals!

    • Are you inviting pirates to our waters, Miss Elliot? If so, GOOD JOB! 😀

      Everything is all good now. I’m super psyched for round 4! Is time yet? 😉

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