ROW80 9/12 Check-In


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Do you guys remember Grumpy Old Lady?  (No, that’s not her real name. It is just a way to distinguish her.)  She’s twelve-years-old and has back problems.  The back problems have gotten worse.  From chronic back pain, she upgraded to a doggy form of sciatica.  As a long bodied dog, back problems are to be expected.  But it is a little unnerving when her legs stop working and she suddenly is dragging her legs across the street.  See, this may be happening, but she still wants her walks and damn if her legs are going to stop her!  (And the vet says she’s allowed short walks, as long as she seems up to it).

Aside from occasional whimpers of back pain (hurrah for dog medicine), she is still quite lively.  Only now, instead of running, sometimes she’s sitting on a blanket, dragging her butt around the floor.  (Yeah, my dog figured out blankets on hardwood floors = less friction.  She can haz physics degree?)  She’s still herself and lively.  She’s like, “She’s how old!?” (a standard reaction) lively.  That’s why we’re treating her so it doesn’t get worse.  We’re hoping it gets better.  And we’re going to build her a ramp so she can get up and down the back deck (to use the backyard/doggy potty).  Oh, there’s also an emergency “if her legs stop working” plan.  (Because that means something has gone totally bad and surgery is needed.)  We’re prepared to make an hour drive.

All that said… Next month, we will have owned her for half her life. I hope we can own her for longer than that.   She has the life left in her heart and mind…  It is just her back.  So, can you join my family and me in hoping her back gets better?  Please?  (Thanks to those of you that do.)

Now, onto ROW80 goals update!

1a. Peck at W.I.P. whenever I can.

1b. Work on an experiment.
Initial experiment ended.  “New” one started.  This “new” thing is something I do when I have time.  No way is it serious writing.  But it is something that is ever on going and keeps the writer stuff going.  (No, it isn’t fan fic.)

2. Visit and comment on 1D10 ROWer blogs each check-in.
I started this back up on Sunday Monday.  I wanted to wait for people to check in.  I’ll probably visit today’s check-in peeps tomorrow. (Besides, my To Do List is a little heavy today.)

3. Adopt new blogging schedule.
I’m so on this!  On Friday, I gushed about the book, Ninja Attack!  Then Monday, I posted a picture of my favorite tree and how it changes my world.

4. Make announcement.

Like a duck, she needs to be beheaded and plucked!  No, actually this is my new goal.  (Will add it to goal post tomorrow.)  This is going to be my next W.I.P. that has two stages of progress.  And the reason I think the first sentence is funny is because if I should ever be forced to open a restaurant, I’d name it “Let’s Eat Grandma!”  And only grammar peeps would get the sick joke in the name.  (Did I mention it would be zombie themed?)

Wishing my fellow ROWers the best!  See you next week for my next check-in!

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