Reading: Ninja Attack!

I’m not really a “non-fiction just for fun” kind of gal.  If I have to research something, sure I’ll dive into it.  Non-fiction is a tool in my mind.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

But I found an exception: Ninja Attack! True Tales of Assassins, Samurai, and Outlaws by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m big into Japanese stuff.  (Korean stuff, too.)  So, when I saw this book, I flipped open the pages and saw the mingling of informative text and illustrations and photographs and awesome.  It covers a lot of the who’s who and various eras.  It cover why the black pajamas we see popularized today are so wrong.  It covers tools of the trade.  It covers everything awesome and even pulls in stuff tied to today!  It is a crash course in ninja.

The puppy of the family (not really a puppy), our husky is happy to pose with NINJA ATTACK!

I was barely past the first section (Ninja’s Ninja) when I recommended this book to my friend.  She loved it!  (She also likes Japanese things like me.)  My favorite ninja?  Momochi Tanba.  He’s the original spy with a double (or rather triple) life.  And they even have information on legends that served as source material for the manga/anime Naruto.

My only complaint?  It comes from how I approached the book.  It has nothing to do with the authors.  I tried to read and memorize everything like a student cramming.  I should have read a ninja a day and enjoyed it more than trying to stuff every bit of information into my noggin.  And the stuffing info is super stupid, because I own the book!

The authors have other books (about Yurei/Ghosts and Yokai/Monsters).  They have been added to my Amazon wish list.  That’s how impressed I am.  If you’re into this kind of stuff, I bet you’ll love it too!

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2 thoughts on “Reading: Ninja Attack!

  1. Hiroko & Matt!

    Thank you for the kind words! We had a lot of fun writing that book. From the looks of the photo you have the old Kodansha version. A few months back Tuttle released an all new, expanded version that we re-organized chronologically, with three new ninja profiles and more goodies!

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