Row80 8/1 Check-In


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Last check-in, which happened a day early, I said I was trying to slowly get into the swing of things again.  Regarding daily duties of the mom/wife variety, I am now back to normal.  I still need to run the vacuum on the second floor, but everything is at a pre-operation/summer state.  (That’s not impressive… It is much cleaner during the school year.)

On the reclaiming my health and getting less round for my friend’s wedding (a wedding that is 10 days away, eek), I restarted watching my food intake.  Actually, I started that 24 hours after surgery.  Right after surgery, I had 2 milkshakes. Those Artic Orange ones from McD’s.  No regrets.  However, my husband refuses to let me go for dog walks (which can be mild to intense exercise for me).    He says no exercise until I get the O.K. from the doctor.  After that, he promised to yell at me to make up for it.  Sadly, my “worries” over tub scrubbing being too “dangerous” and “strenuous” were ignored. 😉

Then there’s my writing life…

1. Peck at W.I.P. whenever I can.
I can’t.  Well, you see… The Wednesday after my surgery, since all I wanted to do was sit, I kind of finished it.  I thought if I was lucky I’d be done it before summer ended, but I wan’t counting on it.  This totally took me by surprise.

2. Visit and comment on 1D10 ROWer blogs each check-in.
Bad, bad, bad, me.  I should be smacked on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.  Sorry.  If all goes well, I should to get back to this today.

3. Adopt new blogging schedule.
I said something about posting on Friday last update.  Well, Friday my dogs turned my dining room into a urinal. I mopped it three times in one day!   Anyways, I hope this week I start to remember to post the 3 times a week I hope to post.

4. Make announcement.

Have you been waiting for this?

Last round, I had a goal.  Write a steampunk short story.  Any of you remember it?  Well, that short story got accepted into an anthology.  I’m sharing a ToC with Joe Hill.  It releases August 14, 2012.

I’m made of squee.  I’ll be talking more about this as soon as I stop going “OMFG, this is real!  It is really, real!”  For now I’ll just say, click that link for pre-order info.

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2 thoughts on “Row80 8/1 Check-In

  1. Congrats on getting your short story published!

    • Thanks. 🙂 I still feel a sense of disbelief every time it happens. Luckily I stop myself from asking, “Are you sure?”

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