Reading: The Accidental Demon Slayer

Grumpy Old Lady Dog napping by the back door. On her back “The Accidental Demon Slayer.” It is a book with a dog (Pirate) on the cover on a dog (Grumpy Old Lady).

You know that book you start reading and then…  Boom!  Pow!  Bam!  The Adam West Batman visual effects start attacking your life?  (Or something like that.)  The Bang! got me while I was reading The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox.

Somehow, my to read pile made it back to the bookshelves.  After I finished the last book, I went directly in search of my next.  As I scoured one of our four book shelves for my next read, I rediscovered this loose end.  Despite me not even knowing when I stopped, I still remembered the story when I picked the book back up.  This is a 75-25 deal.  My mad skill I developed due to manga represents 75% of it.  The writing of the book (originality and memorable story) are the other 25%.

That story?  Lizzie Brown is adopted and, right before her thirtieth birthday, her birth grandmother (a biker witch) finds her.  And it isn’t only her grandmother looking for her: a griffin, demons, and other supernatural stuff.  Why?  She’s a demon slayer that is coming into her powers.  Things then get cray-cray.  (Am I too old to say cray-cray?)

The story basically cruises along with problems growing or evolving.  And no one in this story can answer a question straight forward, so there’s usually a heavy question or ten floating about.  Lizzie didn’t help matters, either.  Honestly?  I kind of hated her.

I think part of the problem is a part of me (despite the fact I’m thirty-one) wishes stuff like biker witches, demons, and demons slayers were real.  If this became my life, I wouldn’t fight it.  I’d probably start a blog about it and be all “Hey suckas, think I’m insane or awesome, but this is my life!!!!”  Lizzie is nothing like me.  She fought it without caring until she had no choice but to care, and it frustrated me.  Stupid fictional character gets awesome life and refuses to acknowledge it…

Anyways, my obvious personal issues aside, the writing had a very distinct voice and the story was never dull.  If it weren’t for the personality clashes between me and Lizzie, I’d probably be on board for the series.  However, when even during love scenes I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes at her (a.k.a. the book)…

I’m honestly convinced that it isn’t the book.  It is me.  I’m weird like that.  Most people that like paranormal romance will probably dig it.  I’m just a spoiled geek girl that gets cranky.

What’s next to be read?  I went to the bookstore on Tuesday. I picked up a non-fiction book.  I already learned that just like five fish it is five ninja!

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2 thoughts on “Reading: The Accidental Demon Slayer

  1. Followed you here from the ROW80 page. Good luck this time around!

  2. Thanks! I’m trying to decide upon my goals for certain still. 🙂

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