ROW80: 6/17 Check-In


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I think the universe made last week suck on purpose.  Because the universe is a cranky guy named Sal, who sits in the back booth of a deli some where on a moon of Saturn.  He spends his days leaning over a plate, poking at the food, and muttering about lean sandwich meat.  Or not.  But something was definitely up!

Last week was made of so much suck, lemons were puckering their lips, taking notes, and glaring in envy.  Lots went left instead of right.  Like my examples today, it felt like everything went wrong.  Rather annoying and disheartening.

All of that, combined with lack of exercise, started making me rival Eeyore.

But, like I said, I think it was on purpose.  Sal is conspiring! Because this week cannot be less than awesome!  Why?  My husband is on vacation.  This means trips to places we love to go (Lego Store and Half Price Books, just to start).  And you know what else?  My best friend moves back to the area this week!  Three years without my best friend and I get him back!

Last week sucked ostrich eggs so that week would shine brighter than a super nova!  And ostrich eggs has been my progress on my W.I.P./current goal.  Additionally, I have this idea that is one part Tokyo Crazy Paradise and one part Gun X Sword, and…  I really do need to work out a time to write during the week or I’ll go nuts.

Hey, ROWers, the end (of round 2) is nigh!!!  I hope you finish on a high note.

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2 thoughts on “ROW80: 6/17 Check-In

  1. Do hope Sal goes to sleep real soon:( all the best for coming weeks – see you in the next roound:)

    • Many thanks, Alberta. I think the owner of the Saturn Moon Deli got sick of Sal’s muttering (at least for this week). Clear sailing… Or rocketing? Or non-Sal-ing? 😉

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