ROW80: 5/23 Check-In


Not a ROWer? Wanna know? Click the pic.

What up my ROWies?  Greetings ans salutations to any others that may read this, too.

As I wake up this morning, I can’t help but feel hella tired.  I stayed up late watching the un-aired pilot and the proper pilot of Sherlock.  I’ll probably nestle down for some more tonight (though I think I’ll skip staying up late).  In other words, I am all caught up on Downton Abbey.

Additionally, I have geeky conflict.  Saturdays are my game night.  Starting the 26th [adult swim] will be bringing back Toonami.  That’s Saturday.  That’s Toonami!  I mean, yeah I was happy enough find Toonami Aftermath… But real Toonami?  GAH!  But we can’t get together any other night for games… (Plus, I stole a goblin’s magical sword…)  And the GAH!!!  Being geeky has problems.

Will you please come with me?
Where to?

Which brings me to another problem:  I can’t tell you. I know it makes me sound like a prick.  But I have to say that much because, I have to put my goals on the back burner until… Dunno.  And even when I get to my goals, I still might have to hold my tongue for a bit.

It isn’t me being lazy or mean to myself.  It isn’t outside/normal life taking over.  It is something… Something, something.  And as soon as I can share what it is, I’ll tell you.  Promise.

I’ll be holding my updates until I can return to my goals.  See you on the other side of this.

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3 thoughts on “ROW80: 5/23 Check-In

  1. I haven’t watched Cartoon Network since they thought Squidbillies was their greatest show. Pretty exciting to hear that Toonami is back!

    As far as the break goes, I hope everything is okay and/or that things get better. We’ll be thinking of you!

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