Hobbies: Lego Mini-Figs

Various Series 5-7 mini-figs

It started at around Christmas.  We saw these foil packets with little Lego guys (a.k.a. mini-figs) inside.  If you could imagine a whole family geeking out in a toy aisle of a big box store…  Yeah, that was us.  Suffice it to say, we all got packets (and Santa even got us more).  That was Series 5.

Pirates of the Caribbean mini-figs I got on sale from the Lego Store.

Alas, life made us forget and the toy that was on our mind wasn’t Lego (that’s a whole other story).    But on May 1st we discovered a beautiful thing…  Series 6!  But it was also a sad sight as it was nearly completely sold out.  After coming home, we discovered that it was actually the release day for Series 7.  And one thing led to another (in other words I so begged)…  We ended up at the Lego store.

What did I get at the Lego store?  Mini-figs.  Anyways, if you want to know what my favorite part about Lego is, it is without a doubt mini-figs.

My second favorite thing?  Well, that would have to be the video game line.  The mix of what is familiar with that nutty bit of humor is awesome!  And, yeah, my family loves them too.  We’re geek like that!

The store has a build your own mini-figures station. I made these guys.

P.S.- May is Short Story Month. (Well, at least that’s what they’ve been saying on Twitter.)  So, my Friday posts for all this month will have a P.S. directing you to one of my previously published, free to read, short stories.  First story up: Glass Towers and Gears.  Read the main character’s full name backwards for extra insight into the story.  

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