ROW80 : 4/29 Check-In


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As one of the Wee Free Men would say, “Oh waily, waily, waily!”  Let’s skip all the usual weird today and get down to me messing up the one goal I had to keep, but didn’t.

It was such a simple goal:
Take on no new writing projects.

And I had fought it!  Temptation!  C sent me a link, which spells doom for me 2 out of 3 times.  I got this insane(ly awesome) idea about a visual Urban Fantasy novel.  I didn’t fall prey to them!

But then I got this idea, for the sake of the post let’s call it S.A.H.T.M.  And… And… Guys, I messed up.  It isn’t like it was a small slip either.  Now, that I started this…  (y_-)*  Can’t stop this project.  Must continue.  Or it would have been pointless slipping in the first place and the work I started would turn useless.

Because it wouldn't be an update without a drawing in progress.

So how will I deal with it?  Even though I failed that goal, it is staying up. Don’t want to make a situation worse.  Also, regarding S.A.H.T.M. I shall say no more about it.  Can’t brag on progress and so forth.  No, it will remain a silent (but deadly?) in the shadows project (like the evil ninja it is)… for now.

That’s enough goal fail.  Let’s do some goal win!  That steampunk 3k short story is done.  And while I’d love to do a half cross off of the goal (can’t do to the edit last week), I want to wait to cross off the whole thing.  To cross it off the list I need another break.  I need some space from it.  Now, that reminds me…

I have this “thing” that I totally forgot to factor into ROW80. But I need time to deal with it.  Since the only goal I could possibly work on is Fire!!! (and I’m still indecisive on that), I’ll be taking a tiny break from ROW80.  I’m going to try to keep the break short.  For sure, expect no check-in Wednesday, but I’ll definitely let you know next Sunday what stage I’m at (back on the saddle or still messing with the overlooked).

To the other ROWers out there, wishing you the best. Do them goals up! 🙂

*- One of my friends recently asked me what that emoticon is supposed to be.  That’s a facepalm.  I facepalm at my own stupidity a lot.

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9 thoughts on “ROW80 : 4/29 Check-In

  1. Ryan King

    Gah, those ideas are sneaky creatures! Good luck with the new project. 😉

    • I just hate it when ideas misbehave and don’t wait patiently. I totally would have taken S.A.H.T.M. on after I finished PMGCH goals. If only my ideas were as well behaved as my children! 😉

  2. The muse, she is shifty!

  3. I love that your fail is really a win! Very rowmsdhsa-or whatever nickname we decided to go with and need to change- of you! Sorry I have been so distant.. It’s not you.. it’s me. Just busy with life and school, trying to soak up all the family and friend time I can before going back to work for two months straight!
    Thanks for stopping by and kicking my butt last check in, I need it! See you again soon hopefully!

    • Much like Youtube videos, “One person’s fail is another’s win.” As for you being distant, it is okay. Family is important! Just stay awesome and we’ll always be cool. 🙂

  4. Oh Gloria, sometimes I get those story ideas that tug at me like desperate beggers. I tend to write a chapter or two and sketch a plot, then I can walk away for a little while and return to my current WIP. I return and flesh it out when I have time. Best wishes to balancing it all!

    As for the check-in, I haven’t been checking on Wednesdays at all this round. I tend to get more done on one end of the week or the other, so the once-weekly check-in is working for me. Several others do this too.

    Have a great ROW80! Hang in there!

    • I wish I could just do some plotting or what not and stop, but it needs attention every day for a while (Probably even into June). But I think I can manage to tone down the attention it needs until the other goals are done.

      As for the double check-in thing, I don’t know why but I feel a compulsion to do both days. I tend to get something done usually, so there’s something to report (and a pretty picture to post with it, thanks to my latest drawing craze). However, since I’m not getting anything done this week, I can forgive myself for skipping it.

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your ROW80 goals!

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