ROW80 : 4/25 Check-In


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Let’s cut the preamble and get straight to things.  Why?  Because this blog post is the only thing standing between me and lunch.

So, I wanted to be at the 75% mark of goal one.  I am at the 83% mark.  This is why I think I’ll have goal 1 done by next check-in.

That’s when we hit a snag.  See, I should have had more than just “write” listed in that goal.  I also need to edit and submit this short story before May 31st.  Which means it is time for a goal revision.

Goal #1 originally read in full as:

Write a steampunk short story that is minimum 3k before May 31.

It is now:

Write a steampunk short story that is minimum 3k.  I will also edit and submit it before May 31.

I hate messing with the goals, but you have to sometimes (especially when there’s an over sight like that).  Thank goodness for the edit posts option!  If you’re curious, May 31st is when the market I want to submit this to closes its virtual doors, so I’m working on a deadline here.  So the first draft has to be done by the end of this week. (Otherwise, my working procedures will go on red alert on start screaming Danger! in a robotic voice.)

In non-goal related news, I finished the drawing related to one of my goals.  I have no clue why I chose that as a background for the picture, but I couldn’t think of anything “appropriate” for the image.  I’m still on a drawing bender, so I started work on a piece that was requested from me.  I’ll post the progress on that one come Sunday.  Right now it is just blue lines.

In my watching, I still need to finish Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, but I’ve been hooked on Toonami Aftermath. (I mean, come on… It’s Toonami!)  I’ll try to get around to that (and watching Coffee Prince like Susan suggests) as soon as I screw my ducks on straight and get my heads in a row.

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 : 4/25 Check-In

  1. A goal revision that ranks right up there with editing doesn’t it. Yours does seem completely necessary but then again they usually are. Good luck with completing this revised goal.

  2. First of all, I hope lunch was good.

    You really made some good progress. You weren’t getting anywhere with the steampunk, and here it’s almost done and ready for revision. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble sending it out by the end of next month. I like the drawing, too. A big thumbs-up from me!

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