ROW80: 4/18 Check-In

ROW80Hello, my friends and people that fell unsuspectingly into the clutches of my blog!  See that lotion in the basket?  Come on.  Stop pretending you don’t know what it’s for.

Crap!  I forgot my tea in the kitchen…

Okay.  Got the tea. (I also swapped the laundry, let the dogs in, threw away a bunch of trash on my desk, and opened a new pack of gum for when I finish my tea.)  Anyways, forget about the lotion for a bit. I need to tell you how it has been going with my ROW80 goals.

Last Sunday, I made noise about needing a break from the first goal:

  • Write a steampunk short story that is minimum 2k before May 31.
    I have a concept in mind, just not sure how I’m executing it yet. 

First of all, there’s a mistake in that goal. It needs to be 3k min.  (Just fixed it on goals post so not to confuse myself later.)

Letter B, I did just that.  And, just like I said I would on Sunday, I focused on some of the pre-writing work I had to do.  To be exact, goal #3:

  • For lack of better terms, do project packet for (code name) PMGCB.
    I have bits of everything done in an unorganized fashion.  Need to organize and finish prep, 3 outlines, and over view.

The (still in progress) character concept drawings for PMGCB.

To be totally honest, I wasn’t grooving changing gears.  However, I tricked myself (just like I tricked you here… into a blog pit… with a basket and lotion).  I told myself, “I need to draw character concept sketches to really understand this piece.”  It was an utter lie, but I love drawing.  And as I was drawing I started thinking about personality and story…  Then writer brain went, “Oh I need to get the prep on this done!”

I pretty much killed over half the work.  I have only one outline to go and the overview to refine.

Honestly, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be done this come tonight.  Which begs the question, “What am I going to do tomorrow through Sunday?”  Quite frankly, I have no clue.  So, I have no clue what my Sunday update will say (other than “finished goal 3”).

Wishing the best to my fellow ROWers. Hope your writing has you in good spirits!

Oh, right!  The lotion…  We’ll skip that today.  FYI: There’s an escape hatch right there in front of you.  Just press the little X in the upper right hand corner. 😉

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9 thoughts on “ROW80: 4/18 Check-In

  1. Hey – finished Goal 3 is a perfectly fine way to begin (end and be all of ) a blog post. I love your character drawings. I envy your ability to sketch. I have wanted to learn how to draw for the longest time! I look forward to reading your steam punk story when it is finished! Woot Woot! I can read it now!

    • I had crappy drawing skills for over half my life. When I was 20, for some unknown reason, I started drawing somewhat good (and it started with a drawing that everyone said had a chin that doubled as a weapon…). From there I just kept working on it and there’s still lots for me to work on. For example, if you asked me to draw the two images above facing forward, they’d look like totally different people.

      We’ll see if this latest steampunk story sees the light of day. You have no clue how many trunked steampunk tales I have (for every Mad there’s.. 1,2,3, f…. a lot). 😉

  2. Hey Gloria! Awesome sketches!

    It’s funny to see how many ROW80 posts this week break down to “argh! Too much to do!” I think I’m seeing a trend…

    • Honestly, the “multiple options” make me happy. Getting railroaded rather than choosing to go back to my current W.I.P. would be more demoralizing. The more I feel it is my choice, the easier it is to swallow the head repeatedly banging against the wall feeling it is giving me. 😉

    • And thank you for the compliment on the sketches. 🙂 I hope to finish the outlines this evening so I can color them (and test out a new method) soon.

  3. Good luck on finishing up the sketches and your current WIP. Sometimes the brain just needs a break or to be tricked into thinking it has a break.

  4. Writer Buddy!! It has been so long! I ditched the blog for a little.. family, failure, and free time all melting into one pot of non-bloggage.. You know how it goes! Love your drawings and I’ve missed you! Hope to catch up a bit more, and it’s good to see your sticking to your goals!…Help me stick to mine! Poke me with a stick, or maybe some hot prod from a fire somewhere.. Missed you!

    • Missed you too, Brit! When I saw no blog update over the weekend I was all sad panda, but I figured life got ya. I’ll be commenting on your blog after I post this reply! (Yeah, I read it before doing dishes and shoving my son’s clothes in the washer.) 😉

      And I wouldn’t call what I’m doing “sticking to my goals.” More like Mario jumping on Goombas (btw they are called Koribos in Japan, which just makes me think of Yu-Gi-Oh… man, I need a life) that refuse to be flattened. And thank you for the complement on the drawing. I’m still working on it (expect a finished version at some point) and trying out some new techniques in the process.

      Okies, I’m off to your blog! 😀

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