ROW80: 4/8 Check-In

This week has been…

1) laughable.
I’m talking about my productivity.  I wrote maybe 100 words total.  I kept hating every word I wrote. Part of it is psyching myself out.  The other parts…

2) germ filled.
I started off ROW80 sick.  My daughter had given me the illness, so I knew by Wednesday I’d be okay.  But on Tuesday, she decided to start a new illness.   Wednesday son joined her.  And my husband, Mr. Never-Really-Gets-That-Sick, joined them for two guest appearances.  Maybe because my body was on overdrive from tummy flu, I missed joining them and was left to take care of my sickies.

Still needs some clean up.

3) seriously miserable.
This week was the most miserable spring break ever.  Yes, my kids were on spring break.  They basically spent it surrounded by sick people/being sick.  It feels really crappy, especially if you compare it with last year (we went to Miami to see family and took a detour for a one day visit to Disney).  I feel guilty and upset at myself for bringing them such a bummer vacation.

With all the above, it is no wonder that my sanity started being questionable.  Okay, fine!  My sanity became more questionable than usual.  But thanks to guilty pleasures (like drawing ->)
and a wonderful husband… I have survived (thus far).

But here’s how it is going to be.  Next check-in, I’ll have 500 words I won’t hate on that steampunk story.  I won’t hate it because I’m just going to go for it, as I always have.  Screw that pressure I keep putting on myself.  That’s bad me.  Nose smack with a newspaper, go stand in the corner, no cookie bad.  So, I have to stop doing that.

I’ll also really start thinking about summer.  This week made me see some possible future issues.  Better to swerve and still hit than to crash head on.  (Honestly, I have no clue WTF I was trying to say there.  Can we pretend I made sense?  Please?)

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6 thoughts on “ROW80: 4/8 Check-In

  1. Ryan King

    Aww. Maybe your word count feels like it’s still April 1st and is trying to pull a prank on you? I’m sorry everyone had such a rough week. Feel better!

  2. Okay, this is the most interesting check-in I’ve seen today. And yes – you made sense *smile*.

    Rough opening week, but hey, it can only improve right? I think we’ve all had weeks where the words just weren’t there. A friend of mine says that sometimes we have to get all the gunk out of our creative pipes in order to get to the good clean writing on the other side. This sounds like one of those events for you. Writing through it is a good idea and here’s hoping that you find your way through.

    Have a great week, Gloria 🙂

  3. Hey, what can you do? You had your hands full. Things will be better this week. Like Gene said, they can’t get any worse.

    • Oh, things can always get worse. But I refuse to let them. Even if it means being in denial about the zombie apocalypse, I’ll move forward as if it is sunshine and rainbow puppies. 😉

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