Non-Smoker: 1 Month Free

On Wednesday, one month ago, I had my last cigarette at 10-something in the morning.  Since then, I’ve not only changed my smoker status, but other things.  For one, my reliance on mints has transitioned to gum and chewing on the inside of my cheek.  And my hope is that in 2-3 months I’ll be on nothing.

Additionally, I’ve begun taking more care of myself.  I have been working out a little bit.  Quitting smoking makes you gain weight and, to be brutally honest, I already had more than I needed.  You know the granny arm flab that jiggles when you say goodbye?  Mine is jiggling less!  My waist and face (it shows my weight gain faster than other part of me) seem to be at the same size as a month ago.  So I’m calling my care in this area a success.  But I want to build on that success and surpass it.

I’ve also been pampering myself.  Before, I only did my nails around holidays.  Now, instead of taking care of them on a need to basis, I take care of them twice a week while trying out different painting techniques (I hope to try out marbling in the next couple of weeks).

Becoming a non-smoker has made me change more than just that one thing.  And I still want to change more.  But I’m becoming aware that I’m starting to stress myself out.  I need to adjust to all my current adjustments before going on and changing more.  So I’ll stop here, where I am taking care of myself and moving forward.

PS- I have written and finished my very first short story since the quitting started at the beginning of the year.  I’m quite happy with it. 

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