Non-Smoker: Report 5

Right Now:
I was hoping for a snow delay (but not a snow day because kids have 3 day weekend as is).  I am disappointed.  It looks cold outside. I don’t like that.  Dogs got super barky this morning and made me twitchy.  And daughter moving like molasses… last minute “OH! I need!” Me getting grrrrrrrr….

Yesterday (Thursday):
Let’s just start with the “Hahahahaha, that was so cute of me!”  It was sooooo cute that I thought we’d cut down to 1 cigarette yesterday.  We could have done it… But thing is, after work, hubby forgot.  He whipped one out for each of us.  And once I see them…  It got smoked (2:30pm).  So we thought about cutting out the 8pm one. Kids must have sensed it.  They were pushing hubby’s buttons, and indirectly mine.  So yeah… still smoked two.

Other than that, drank two 16 oz. cups of tea and one 12 oz. can of soda before noon (can’t drink caffeine after that because of insomnia issues)… Which is why I actually got cleaning done.  And while I cleaned there was anime.  I tried getting into Geisters: (Is it Fractions or Factions?) of Earth…  So could not.  After six episodes, I didn’t give a damn about anyone or anything going on.  I switched over to Knight Hunters: (there’s supposed to be a word here but I forget.. It might start with E?  Eternity?).  While better than Geisters, not super awesome.  Due to return of tv shows we love, no Gun X Sword enjoyed (we’re like half through the series).

I did not work on the blanket because I need a break from crocheting.

Basically the fact I dominate the bedroom stuff, and I’ve let it become messy on the dresser, got my husband’s icky buttons yesterday.  That’s getting fixed today (this is gonna be interesting… aka my bedroom might make me suffer).  Probably more anime as well.

Like I said early on, kids have 3 day weekend (Which means no anime for me, damnit). So… Don’t expect a post till Tuesday. Might post if something bad or something super good happens.

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