Non-Smoker: Report 3

Right Now:
Getting used to waking up and getting kids ready for school without smoking. And it is actually nice.  Additionally, there have been spikes in my “smelling.”  Like smelling peanut butter on my husband’s breath from across the room.

Draculara’s hand annoyed me. A lot. (Why is girl child changing doll clothes so early in the morning?)  And dogs keep opening/shutting CD-rom drive. A lil GRRRRR….

Yesterday (Tuesday):
My husband had the day off, so we went to Half Price Books (the awesomest bookstore).  I walked through the place like a zombie unable to concentrate and so forth.  I ended up getting nothing, but picked out a book for my kids to share about mythical creatures.   Followed that by going to Hong Kong Buffet (Chinese food yum).  Managed to act human whole time out.  But it was a lot of effort so the first slip happened early.

Anime of the day was started at this point.  Gun X Sword (watched 8 episodes). Husband had Dentist appointment, so I did kid homework.   I’ll be watching this with him after kids go to sleep… Which means I have to pick another anime to watch today.

Progress on my crochet blanket was minimal yesterday.  Was out most of day.

2 cigarettes- 12pm, 8pm…  Once this pack is gone there will be no more slips. I dunno where pack is (husband is the one that whips them out).  I dunno how many are left.

Anime, laundry, and possibly having caffeine for the first time Saturday.

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