Random: Happy Holidays

Wishing you the best this holiday season!

Winter Tree by Me!

I say “Happy Holidays” because I’m friends with people of different religions.  This is not an attack on Christmas.  I just wish not insult my friends that read this and do not celebrate Christmas.  Additionally, with my holiday stuff in gear, I do not have the time to hunt down every day my friends celebrate their holiday and put a greeting.

That said, I am very busy.  My youngest has been sick most of the week with a fever that is like a ninja (it hides and pops up out of nowhere with vengeance).  I also have baking to do.  My bff is very excited about my promises of rum cake and so is my husband’s coworker.  Santa needs cookies.  And I need cookies too. The kids will be on break.  Obligations, traditions, and special times are coming.  That’s why for all of next week, the blog will be silent.

I’ll likely be back the 26th discussing the awesome I’ve gotten.  But, no promises as I’ll be under attack the kids will be on break.

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5 thoughts on “Random: Happy Holidays

  1. Your winter tree is beautiful Gloria, the snow glistens like thousand little lights.
    Happy Holidays to you too, get those cookies baking and give your youngest a cool hug. Remember, Ninja’s are not invincible!

  2. Ah I see, that is indeed something else. The things modern technology can do, but only in the hands of the master. Mistress.

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