Hobbies/Inspiration: Character Drawing

This is a combo post.  One of my hobbies is drawing and I drew this as something to look at and inspire me to work harder (and occasionally talk to when I get frustrated… Yes, I’m that weird).

The drawing doesn’t focus on this character’s face, but the most significant part of her description.  She’s supposed to be sixteen, and I think the body gets that across.  Sadly, after shading and blending I forgot to go over that part and it looks a little too faded. (y_-)  I also forgot to shade her pants. (y_y)

For the record, no matter how much I clean my scanner, crap gets on it.  But I’m not a pro-artist so meh!

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2 thoughts on “Hobbies/Inspiration: Character Drawing

  1. Hi Gloria 🙂

    I like this drawing. Subtle. It makes me wonder what happened to her arm.

    • Yeah, that’s the part I meant to go over… The detail got lost after shading. But that mark is very important to her history and the story.

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