Reading: Addie and the King of Hearts

I will state that this post is way over due.  I’ve been busy?  I’ve been lazy?  I didn’t want to admit I read this?  Nah…  It was just, when I sat down to do blog posts other things came to mind.  Anyways, I’ve got a story to tell you.

Back in early August, my friend was cleaning out her bookshelves.  This lady reads a lot.  She hates to part with books, but she was redecorating her room and it had to be done.  So, she messaged me and asked if I’d like some of her old books for my daughter.  I said, “Sure!”  (Even though she’s only in 1st grade, I know soon she’ll out grow picture books.)

At the end of August, my kids went back to school.  On their first day, I found myself utterly bored (and refusing to do housework) post lunch.  I decided to read.  I could have picked up the book I was currently reading, but I wanted to feel “accomplished.”  So I went to the stack of books my friend had dropped off.  Among them was Addie and the King of Hearts by Gail Rock.  After an hour, I read it from cover to cover.  Accomplished Feeling met!

So here’s what’s up with that book.  It is a part of a series (following Addie), but this was the only Addie book my friend gave me.  The first Addie book is apparently a big deal (had tv movie/Christmas special that’s called a classic).  And after reading I’d say it falls towards MG (middle grade for those not up on the lingo).

It was published in 1976 and set in 1949 (though I… erm my daughter has a soft cover 2000 printing).  The main character is in 7th grade and the story is about her crush on her teacher.  Pretty standard plot stuff, aside from the single parent aspect.

But being a modern girl, I have to admit what stuck most with me was the lifestyle stuff.  They didn’t have a phone in their house.  Didn’t see a need for one.  And the garter belt and stocking seams…  THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY!  That would so drive me batty.  Nope couldn’t do it.

I think it was the setting that made me feel less guilty about reading it than my current book.  Though it was not an earth shattering experience for me.  Not a bad book and I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to read it so we can discuss things.

Any books you plan on or have shared with your kid(s)?  Ever steal their books for a guilty pleasure read?  If you said yes, tell me about them!

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